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Pets & Wildlife PHOTO CONTEST
Sonoma County Gazette

THEME:  Our relationship and appreciation of Animals
CATEGORIES:  Pets & Wildlife
SUB-CATERGORIES:  Feathered, Finned, Furry & Scaled

Photos must be HIGH QUALITY DIGITAL IMAGES - minimum 300 dpi @ 5” wide up to 10” wide suitable for PRINT. We are looking for CREATIVE - ARTISTIC images that show the beauty and intriguing characterists of animals.

EMAIL to 15 MB maximum file size. (DropBox also)

SELECTED ENTRIES will be published in our February issue featuring articles on Pets & Wildlife.

WNNERS will be announced in our March issue.

In order to be selected for publication in February, please have photos  to us no later than January 15. 

To be eligible for contest PRIZES, we need entries by February 18th.

BELOW are examples of the level of images we are looking for.

We did, however - open a category for cute pet pictures that are not high quality photographs because pele sent the to us and we want ot recognize their love of their Pets.

WILDLIFE - Feathered

Nesting Egret Edmond Bridant, ARPS

Victoria Vonthal - Hummingbird enjoying the rain

Jill Zwicky - Cedar Waxwing enjoying a meal



Bryan Morgan - Laguna de Santa Rosa Otter


Jill Zwickt - Zebra portrait

PET - Furry

Sherri Reed Photography


Jade by Cathy Thomas


Vera France - Regal Richie


Black Cat - Edmond Bridant, ARPS


Katherine Griffin - Horses in a pasture after the Valley Fire


The Sweetest Pitbull Named Butch - Courtney Williams


PET - Feathered

Parrot in a Cage - Edmond Bridant, ARPS



Jill Zwicky - Chinese Water Dragon


WILDLIFE - Insects