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Wheel of Light
Astrology by Rio Olesky

by Rio Olesky

This year could be called “The Clash of the Titans” as all four outer planets lock up in two squares. The outer planets deal with collective experience and consciousness change. Squares are always challenging, but also can generate productive change as we respond to the difficulties. There is one aspect, however, that is creating some harmony. That is a trine, a 120-degree angular relationship between Saturn in Sagittarius and Uranus in Aries. This transit will begin in late January and continue until mid-March. It will return briefly from December 2016 until January 2017.

Trines are interesting. They connect planets that are in harmonious signs, usually signs of the same element. So trines create congruent flows of energy that produce supportive connections for both planets involved. Sometimes, however, the energy of a trine is so comfortable and easy that it allows negative or undesirable patterns to continue unabated. The challenge of a trine, therefore, is to use it for productive purposes without getting lazy and allowing pre-existing, harmful patterns to continue. 

Fortunately, the Saturn-Uranus trine connects planets that usually have a hard time getting along, because their focus is so different. Saturn is serious, practical and likes things to be organized, defined and goal oriented. Saturn is traditional, authoritative and disciplined. Uranus is the essence of personal liberation. It is the iconoclast of the solar system and prioritizes innovative, experimental change. Uranus has a lot to do with the uniqueness of a person, hence the gifts that they have and can share with the world. Simultaneously, however, Uranus can also bring a utopian vision to human activities and social structures.

The trine is present because these planets are in fire signs. Fire is radiant, creative, confident and adventurous. This can enable each planet to look beyond its typical mode of being in order to accommodate the expression of the other planet. Thus harmonious changes could manifest as focused changes, that take into consideration both the Saturnine needs for structure and practicality as well as the Uranian needs for unprecedented breakthroughs. For example, Uranus, which is usually associated with technological innovation, could combine with Saturn to produce new technology that is coincident with integrity and idealism in ways that benefit the masses. An example of this could be developing educational tools that are available to all students throughout the world. Another possibility is the invention of robotic limbs that could help maimed veterans who are returning form our seemingly endless wars. 

One of the more Uranian contributions to humanity in the 20th Century was the development of quantum physics. This system has explained, more accurately than any other, how the universe works. Although originally this was theoretical and mathematical, it has grown to be helpful in practical ways. One of the formulas upon which quantum physics is based is slightly incorrect. Not only has this been known, but the correction is also known. If we applied that correction to the mundane world, we would able to break through the space-time continuum and travel wherever we want or need to go as a species. Similarly, this correction would also enable us to have free energy, no longer reliant upon polluting fossil fuels. Of course the Big Oil companies want that information kept hidden so that they can maintain their abundant incomes. Perhaps this trine can help unlock the secret and make the information known for the betterment of all human beings.

If we put this trine into the chart of the United States, we notice that Saturn is in the first house, the area that pertains to the identity of the country. Uranus is transiting the fifth house, that can deal with sports, among other things. Perhaps this trine will continue the pattern that began last year with athletes becoming more involved with social causes. Similarly, this could suggest that athletes who are part of the LGBT group will continue to be more accepted in the sports community.

Uranus has often been connected to astrology. Perhaps this trine will increase the acceptance of astrologers both within the academic as well as social communities in general.

Remember the potential for maintaining an unhealthy pattern that can also accompany a trine. Thus it’s possible that this transit could also be a time when forces of social, religious or governmental power smoothly intercept the freedom of the Internet. Similarly, it could limit innovative changes that would benefit the masses but harm the financial elites.

This is not a long, or powerful transit. It is, however, an opportunity for each of us to break free from habits and patterns that are restrictive or boring. This is a great transit that can enable us to own, explore and experiment with our uniqueness of vision and creativity.  We could than apply those changes to our lives in grounded, practical ways that could prove lasting and valuable over time.

Rio Olesky offers both private readings as well as classes for both beginning and intermediate students. To make an appointment call Rio at 707-887-1820. Checkout his website:


Aries: This is a good time to become more aware of deep feelings and emotional needs. Challenges could come up if the expression of those needs is met with detachment from the other person. If that happens, focus instead on working through emotional issues from past relationships. Taurus: Early month is a good time for study and research. Deriving deeper understanding, with a few surprises, could make this an interesting, meaningful period. Later month is a time to address your professional life. Refining the social part of your job or doing some creative marketing are good ways to take advantage of the energies at that time. 

Gemini: Internal focus in early month can bring clarity about issues ranging from relationship to finance. This is a good time to transform either the quality of your social life or the planning of your future security. Later in the month can bring interesting, innovative ideas and information that you could manifest in concrete and productive ways
Cancer: The new Moon on the 8th could bring awareness of relationship turmoil as well as unexpected ways of resolving the problems. The full Moon on the 22nd can bring strong intuitive feelings of compassionate for others. These emotions could also impel you to be of service to others, either in your family, your community or both.
Leo: Relationship could become a focused priority this month. Turbulence or volatility in early month could help bring to the surface underlying needs and feelings that you and your partner have. Growth comes from being willing to accommodate the other person without sacrificing your own basic identity in the relationship. Compromise and understanding are more likely to ensue later in the month. Virgo: Start the year with contemplation and planning strategy for the year. This might cause some frustration, since the New Year implies new beginnings. The more reflective you are now, however, increases your knowledge base and will enable you to be more productive later in the year.
Libra: Early month could bring emotional conflict either with children or in your romantic life. Growth can come from being clear and firm without being heavy handed. The key is to be yourself even as you allow others the same privilege. Scorpio: This is a good time to transform your attitude about certain things. One could be your body. Another could be your outlook on various parts of your life. Being willing to update behaviors can bring feelings of empowerment and passionate creativity. Early month is most propitious for communication and social interaction Sagittarius: This is a month to be productive. Confidence and creativity are strong in early month. Intellectual pursuits and communication is supported in late month. Adventure and the desire to get into new and interesting activities, especially involving creativity or sports, are strong energies throughout the month.
Capricorn: You may feel the need to reset your attitudes as well as social behaviors in early month. This could come about either from a confrontation with others or simply your own awareness of the need for change. A lot of support, both internal and external, is available to help you make these changes. 

Aquarius: Lots of social harmony and feelings of personal well being available to you all month. Growth comes from tuning in to your emotions around the new Moon in Aquarius on the 8th. Uncomfortable though that may be, it can bring a great deal of clarity about the significance of various relationships as well as your own emotional needs. Pisces: Challenges you’ve been having for the past few months may lighten up during this one. If you’ve responded affectively and appropriately to those past issues, confidence, clarity and creativity should manifest from mid-month on. If you respond properly at the time, things will still smooth out, but without the same sense of well being.

Rio Olesky has been a professional astrologer since 1976. He is the author of A Manual for the Modern Mystic and Astrology and Consciousness. He offers both private readings as well as classes for both beginning and intermediate students. Rio is offering a class in intermediate astrology through the Community Education Program at Santa Rosa Junior College this summer. Call Rio at 707-887-1820 and check out his website: