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Lynda Hopkins Declares Candidacy for Sonoma County Supervisor


Lynda Hopkins Declares Candidacy for Sonoma County Supervisor

I'm re-posting all the supervisor candidates essays so you can read them before you go vote ~ Vesta

I’m Lynda Hopkins, and I’m running for District 5 Supervisor of Sonoma County. I want to listen to you, and I want to speak up for you.

While I’m passionate about local policy, I’m a farmer, journalist, and community organizer. A grassroots, beet roots kind of girl. I’ve devoted eight years of my life to providing affordable local food for the community (Foggy River Farm). I’ve also spent five years in community journalism, and led a local non-profit organization, former Executive Director of Sonoma County Farm Trails. I have a master’s degree in Earth Systems (land use policy) from Stanford University.

What, you might wonder, could possibly cause a farmer to run for office? Like all farmers (and perhaps all parents), my husband Emmett and I are both pragmatic realists and diehard idealists. We’re raising our two young daughters, Gillian and Addy, in Forestville. With all our hearts, we want to make our little corner of the world – Sonoma County – a better place for all of us.

In Sonoma County land use decisions, agriculture is often pitted against the environment. As a small scale organic farmer, I have a unique perspective and deep understanding of both sides of the issue. I believe I can bring diverse interest groups together to work on sustainable solutions. I believe that we can take care of the environment and our agricultural economy, and I have the knowledge and skills to get that done.

I am also passionate about social justice. I want to ensure that all Sonoma County families have access to affordable housing, and that all children have access to early childhood education. I have the consensus-building leadership ability, policy knowledge, and energy necessary to roll up my sleeves and tackle the tough issues that come before the Board.

What I believe in: A diversified, sustainable, and thriving local economy; Access to basic services for rural residents, including roads and broadband Internet; Affordable family life, including housing and childcare. Whether or not you live in District 5, the West County election is essential to the entire County. District 5 is largely viewed as the “swing seat,” meaning that it will help determine the direction of the board going forward. It takes three votes to enact policy in Sonoma County.