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Rio Nido Magic - January 2016


Rio Nido Magic - January 2016

by Elena Chronis

So, how was everyone’s Christmas? The malls didn’t seem as crowded this year thanks to on-line ordering. And I think many of us are baking and making homemade gifts that have so much more meaning. I think buying gifts and running amok in a mall doesn’t sound very appealing to many of us. As we become adults, I believe the needless gift giving becomes more of a chore rather than a fun thing to do. I can sympathize if you have small children. When I was little it was all about Xmas morning and waiting to see what gifts Santa brought me or the Benjamins from my aunts and uncles. I couldn’t stand getting clothes for Xmas. Every Xmas was so much fun. The anticipation alone made me excited and happy. Sleeping on Xmas eve, forget it. I was too wound up to get a wink of sleep. Unfortunately, Santa was someone I longed to meet and believed in. But, that was crushed by my older brother who pointed out that it is a mere fairy tale. Darn. In any case, I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday.

Resolutions for the New Year
Oh dear, are we back to that topic? I guess it is that time of year. So, what resolutions are you working on? I think it’s great to start the new year by putting yourself out there and wanting to make positive changes in your life. None of us are perfect and do strive for perfection from time to time. Many of us look to lose weight, start or restart going to a gym, eating healthier, learning new skills – there’s a myriad options. With the new year, gosh it’s hard to believe it is 2016, I firmly believe this is going to be a fantastic year for many of us. The important thing to realize is that we need to set realistic goals in order to succeed with our resolutions. I usually start by taking one manageable goal that I would like to improve on and wake up every day focusing on making it a reality. It’s important to take one day at a time, make no excuses and just move forward with that change you want to make in your life. And, reaching a goal after hard work and discipline is the best feeling ever. Good Luck with those resolutions.

Holiday Spirit in Rio Nido
A big thanks to all the residents in RN who put up holiday lights and displays in their home this holiday season. Its such a treat to drive by in the evenings and see all the bright lights and decorations adorning people’s homes. We had a blow-up Santa in his sled with his reindeer pulling the sled on our roof but the winds were strong that one winter and he blew off the roof and landed across the street in the RN dog park. It was the funniest thing ever. Runaway Santa. Getting back to the lights... many in RN have holiday lights adorning their properties all year round. That’s what I love about living here in this sweet spot.

Sweetwater Springs Water Board
Our very own Rio Nidan of Canyon 6, Pip Marquez De La Plata has been elected in a special election as a Director of the Sweetwater Springs District Water Board. Pip is also the Vice President of the Friends of Rio Nido (FRN). Let’s give Pip a round of applause, a high five and a fist pump! Right on!

Pet of the Month
SophieSofie was born in Napa, CA sixteen years ago. She is a purebred apple head, baby doll face chihuahua. This tiny little girl has a personality that is big and bold. My husband and I always say she is a little human being that was accidentally born in a chihuahua suit. She loves to run around the yard barking at passersby. The speed of which those muscular little chi legs run is unbelievable. She is a bit of an actress, knows how to manipulate her mom and dad and usually gets whatever she wants. She is a princess who loves to dress up. Heck, her wardrobe is bigger than most humans. Being a little fashionista, the moment I bring out a dress or coat, she immediately runs over and assists me in putting it on. Barbecued chicken is her favorite food and she prefers a home cooked meal. She loves her new sister Minka (a fawn chihuahua) and enjoys frolicking under the bed covers with her. She is a very special little soul who has brought so much love into our lives.