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Hopes and Dreams for 2016 and Beyond


Hopes and Dreams for 2016 and Beyond

by Vesta Copestakes

Happy New Year means a lot. It has the flavor of hope on the horizon, like everything that WAS is now firmly in the past and we can look forward to things being different in the future. Every year I hear Alan declare that he’s glad last year is over because it raked us over the coals and now we have a chance at a better year. Will I mention that he says this every year? Well, yes. Because every year has something that works hard at tearing us down while we are climbing the slippery slope of life. It’s OK. It’s life

I’m a born optimist - lucky me - so my glass is always half full. But I’m not fooling myself that things are getting better on more levels than they are getting worse. Pick a subject and I can tell you the bright side of that story. Go ahead - I dare you.

Climate Change - woe is me - the world is coming to an end! Well - in fact - it’s getting better all the time - because - we are now AWARE of the havoc we have wreaked on our environment - in time to turn it around - but not before we feel the pain of our mistakes. We have to DO something different and we ARE - on a global level which is what it will take to heal the wounds of past errors.

Politics - I can’t say I am enamored of the presidential race so far but it has people talking about issues that need to be discussed. Mumbling to people of like mind doesn’t create awareness, it only re-enforces our beliefs. When someone challenges us we strike a defensive pose but can only hold that so long. Eventually what they are saying or doing has a way of influencing us. So keep talking - keep telling your truth. We are ALL right in some aspect of what we believe. If we can respect our different perspectives we just might get along!

Violence, war & destruction - it’s getting way too expensive to continue with this method of winning and losing. We ALL lose in war. Individually the pain is an insurmountable mountain that scars so deeply people cannot heal. That’s costly in many, many ways. Limited natural resources are destroyed. It’s all a big mess and a big mistake. But things are changing.

People from one nationality and country are moving into another country and buying land, falling in love, creating families of mixed ethnic background and in the mean time we are all becoming so economically  dependent upon each other we won’t be able to go to war. I’m not sure how long that will take, how many generations - but in my lifetime we have come a very long way. It’s hard to meet a PURE anyone. Sooner or later we can’t kill that person
because NEED each other!

May PEACE be with you in 2016! ~ Vesta