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Springs Splash - January 2016 - Thomas Martin


Springs Splash - January 2016 - Thomas Martin

by Tom Martin

Springs Residents’ Hopes, Proposals and Prospects For 2016

Phillip Ferguson: What an accomplishment it would be to produce more affordable housing in the Springs. Rents keep going up and up! It’s really tough for people here. (Plain Jane’s)

Maggie Baron/Jose Arellano: Finish the Highway! We want more soccer fields for kids. (Cleaners, Fiesta Plaza)

Martha Holtzman/Jim Black: We wish for a civil Presidential election! Also, peace with no more wars. (Dollar Store) 

Debbie Poore: Two wishes, first, divert traffic from Sonoma Valley (around Highway 116) so residents can drive and walk safely, and second, insure that our returning veterans get all the treatment they need. (Dollar Store)   

Maite’ Iturri, Principal, El Verano School: Prospects for 2016? Equity among Springs’ residents for housing, wages/income – basic needs! Let’s see more openness among residents. A goal should be to bring together more people trying to solve community problems.    

Brittany Barrios: I would like to see the Boyes Blvd. bridge fixed with a sidewalk wide enough for people to walk! (Dollar Store)

Melissa Bingham: My hope is that people stop living in fear and choose compassion over hate! (Barking Dog)

Patrick Garcia: Let’s improve Highway 12 so people can ride bicycles and pods and pedestrians with children can walk safely. (Dollar Store)

Okey: We have a good community. We need a medical marijuana dispensary for people with cancer. Right now they have to travel too far for help. (Olde Sonoma Pub)

Sean Cusick: Build a new swimming pool in the Springs. I hope the Santa Rosa to Sonoma bike trail is constructed. Sonoma kids need these facilities. (Olde Sonoma Pub)

John Moore:  Sonoma kids need a golf driving range with grass and first class tee boxes. We used to have a golf course and a driving range. (Olde Sonoma Pub)

Jane Raymond, Plain Jane’s: I look forward to more progress on the Springs Highway 12 corridor. Let’s continue with the County façade improvement program. I’m looking forward to see how each business completes its work.  

Amelia Gutierrez: What a place this would be with more sports and activities for little children. Let’s see projects for children, gardens, playgrounds, and new activities. (Fruit Basket)

Luisa Diaz: Please improve the intersection at Highway 12 and W. Thomson so people can see to make turns. (Fruit Basket)

Bob Rice, The Breakaway: I wish for an interesting and colorful conclusion to the Highway 12 project. It will hopefully be a street with colorful art, architecture, flowing gardens, and arboreal splendor. 

Zabella Olascoaga: Hopefully, there will be more recreational places for young people that stay open later hours. I want a more open minded community. (Barking Dog)

Ken: I look forward to a successful conclusion of construction at the new La Luz Service Center on time - June 16. (Barking Dog) 

Ellie Rohrbacher: I see stronger environmental laws to regulate pollution. (Barking Dog)

James Fanucchi: I wish to see more young people, high schoolers, enjoy themselves outdoors. I hope they get out and about. (Barking Dog)

Claudia Di Clemente: With the new year I look for greater public safety with improved street lighting. More pedestrian crossing lights are needed. I look forward to living more spiritually among people. The Springs is a unique living space for working people. We need a drug store. Folks need better dog walking areas. (Boyes P.O.)  

Armando Saavedra, Armando’s Auto: I want the Plaza by the Churchmouse completed with green grass – a park. When the job is done look for for nice sidewalks.

Ellie Saavedra: My hope is for many flowers and trees planted along Highway 12. (Armando’s)

Heide Cullen: Among my goals is to be at peace, harmony and love within myself. Globally, I look forward to better leadership and peace in the world. Locally, let’s work to clean up around El Verano, particularly Maxwell Park’s west end. Remove homeless camping and drug exchanges in the creek area. (El Verano P.O.)

Anonymous: Among my hopes for 2016 is a community swimming pool. Rents are going higher and pushing community members out. Let’s see rent relief for local citizens and more affordable housing. (El Verano P.O.)