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Radioland - KBBF Bilingual Radio - Sonoma County


Radioland - KBBF Bilingual Radio - Sonoma County

by Edgar Avila

KBBF Weekly News 

We are proud to announce a brand new original program on our air waves: “KBBF Weekly News.” We got a head start on one of our main goals for 2016, which was to create our own bilingual news bureau. KBBF Weekly News is a half-hour bilingual local news show produced by Francisco Lozano and Edgar Avila, with the help of various KBBF volunteers. The English portion of the show airs Fridays at 11:30 AM, which is right after Ring of Fire for our English-speaking listeners, and the Spanish portion airs directly after that, preceding Linea Abierta for our Spanish speaking audience. The show focuses on local news stories, many of them written by our very own journalists, who have already managed at this early stage to break some exclusive stories. We are extremely proud to be running a volunteer local news program; those familiar with journalism know what a feat this is! If you have any local news tips you’d like to share with us, feel free to send email to our news team at

On-Air Fund Drive

Beginning on Friday, Dec. 11th, KBBF had a 3-day weekend on-air fund drive. Our goal was to raise money to revamp our web presence so that we can stream KBBF on the Internet. For 24 hours a day, we talked to our listeners about the importance of community radio, taking donation pledges and giving out t-shirts and grocery bags as thank-you gifts to donors. Middle-of-the-night listeners were treated with a rare opportunity to listen to live programming from the KBBF studio all night long (since we typically play a remote feed of music programs during the night and early morning hours). A highlight moment in the weekend campaign was getting a call from Arnoldo Casillas, attorney for the family of Andy Lopez. He pledged a matching donation of $1,000, which was soon matched by a listener for a total of $2,000. The campaign ended on an emotional note, when KBBF Board of Directors president Alicia Sanchez made a matching pledge of $25, asking 5 people to send in $5 each. To her surprise, an old friend of the station, who sold fresh tamales to Alicia for many years, donated $50 in response.

In The Community

KBBF was very involved in this year’s annual Virgin Mary pilgrimage from Santa Rosa to Windsor. An estimated 1,500 people of all ages gathered Friday night at St. Rose Church in Santa Rosa to walk more than 8 miles to Windsor. The yearly religious ceremony began right before midnight and was led by KBBF radio personality Luis Gutierrez and his Aztec dancers in 40-degree weather. The only break on the trek was at 3am, when the procession came to a brief stop due. This was due, however, to the walk actually being ahead of schedule, according to Gutierrez. Volunteers offered hot chocolate and other snacks to the parishioners. KBBF brought live, on-the-air reports of the pilgrimage.