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Lighten Up for the Holidays


Lighten Up for the Holidays

By Michael Stusser

The value of quiet time, reflection and tranquility is priceless. Finding a counterpoint to the pace and intensity of our culture is essential for stress reduction and health.

 “I don't have time to…” is far too common a phrase and is frequently used around relaxation and play. Responsibilities rule over alone time, down time, time to rejuvenate. Time poverty is robbing us of our connection to nature and ourselves. The constant dialogue that we exchange, “I am overwhelmed”, “I am too busy”, constricts our lives. These assumptions reinforce the way we are driving ourselves. “This is normal and the way it is,” has become the message we all keep telling each other and ourselves

Taking time to stop the internal dialogue long enough to connect to the quiet heals us in ways nothing else can. If only for a few hours, calming our heads and hearts enough to be aware of where we are right now. Entering the place where we can reclaim our sense of well-being and find a dignified healthy pace of life.

In this season of giving, gifting a person an experience that they normally would not allow themselves to have is a way to care for someone, especially a person who is overly stressed. Rare moments of deep relaxation to disconnect from the rapid pace of life and settle into timelessness. 

Imagine taking 3 to 5 hours to allow your self a deep dive into utter peacefulness and total renewal? Picture a special place built to be a respite for inspired beauty, vitality and peacefulness. Feel what it would be like stepping through the door knowing that the next few hours will lift the weight of the world from your shoulders.

If this sounds like a good idea for someone you care about who seems too stressed – perhaps you deserve the gift as well. We are so much more capable of handling life’s ups and downs when we are calm, centered and at peace.



Michael Stusser is owner and founder of Osmosis Day Spa in Freestone. Since 1985 he has worked to cultivate an unmistakable meditative environment on his 6-acre property with Kyoto style landscape gardens. He has brought together many hands and hearts that have worked together to manifest a vision of healing beauty and transformation.