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Healdsburg Highlights - December 2015


Healdsburg Highlights - December 2015

Healdsburg District Hospital Launches 1000 for $1000 Campaign

North Sonoma County Healthcare District has been working with  North County Healthcare Foundation to secure new technology through the Kalmanovitz Charitable  Foundation’s $3 million matching grant program. The district has a limited time to receive dollars from  donors that will be matched by the Kalmanovitz Foundation and has launched a donor campaign titled  1000 for $1000 in hopes of generating $1 million by December 31, 2015.  The Kalmanovitz grant was secured by the Healthcare Foundation Northern Sonoma County in 2012. Matching funds have been  made to allow for the purchase of several pieces of technology, including a C-Arm, CT Scanner and a  portable x-ray machine. The Healdsburg District Hospital is looking to apply the remaining dollars toward  the purchase of a magnetic resonance imaging machine (MRI).

The hospital currently leases a mobile MRI, which is limited to being on site 2-The cost for a new MRI machine and the facility to house it is approximately $2 million. With only a short  time until the Kalmanovitz deadline the campaign will work in tandem with the Healthcare Foundation’s  efforts to continue to secure donations.   The hospital is grateful for donations  of any size in hopes of meeting the $1 million goal by year’s end. Donors can contact the hospital’s  donor coordinator, Cadi Young at (707) 431 6540, or make a donation online through the hospital’s  website at All donations to the hospital are tax deductible and  donors will be recognized for the generosity.