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Small Shops of Sonoma County Holiday Guide to Local Business


Small Shops of Sonoma County Holiday Guide to Local Business

By Vesta Copestakes

13 years ago I started publishing the Small Shops guide because I was inspired to promote small businesses run by people who responded positively to me when I handed the Gazette to the person across the counter. I found a remarkable difference between people who reacted to me with a smile, as opposed to disdain because they thought I was selling them something. As media, I can support the people with kind hearts who are clearly happy with what they do for a living. 

Entrepreneurs take huge risks when they go into business for themselves. They work long hours, many times make less money than their employees, and aren’t covered by employee benefits. Why? because they really can’t do someone else’s subject. They are leaders, “Lone Wolves”, stubbornly independent, and not really capable of being managed by others. It’s an affliction as much as an asset. 

Being that kind of person, I like supporting entrepreneurs since I can. Media is a tool of influence, and as Mr. Rogers said when he was honored for his decades-long show for children, “Mr. Rogers Neighborhood,” media has a responsibility to support what is good in this world. Since I am in love with my home, and want to be part of keeping it healthy and strong, I can support locally-owned stores and locally-made products in the pages of the Gazette’s Small Shops of Sonoma County. 

Here is the Flip the Pages verison of our
13th Annual Small Shops of Sonoma County

WHY Locally-Owned & Locally-Made?

GoLocal (, the Sonoma County version of the international business organization (Business Alliance for Local Living Economies: BALLE) that launched a marketing campaign to get people to Shop Local, has written about the economic benefits of shopping at locally-owned stores. Some times a warm smile from someone you know isn’t enough influence to keep people from shopping online or going into a Big Box store for convenience, sales, etc. It takes facts and economic benefits to get people to change their habits. 

The numbers that tell us how many millions of dollars leave our home through national chains are eye-opening. When people complain about services, pot holes, suffering school budgets, etc. they need to get the connect between where they shop and the services they find lacking. You can’t have it both ways. Using credit cards sends money out-of-state as much as shopping at national chains . There are thousands of ways we can support our home just by where - and how - we shop.

This Year’s Editorial Focus 

Every year, I pick a subject, store type, etc. to shine a light on. Book stores, bike shops, small winery tasting rooms, bakeries etc. have all been my focus in the past. These stories and guides can all be found on our website in the SPOTLIGHT tab.

This year I chose to focus on toy stores and shops that sell the ingredients to make home-made gifts because I am a grandmother. When we spend time together making things, they learn to use their hands, and they gain a sense of accomplishment, “look what I made!” As a mother I loved getting presents for my daughter, Aleta, that inspired her creativity and imagination. Now I get to do that for my granddaughters. They have so much fun simply playing.

I’m not a natural born shopper, so getting out to downtowns, shopping centers, etc. is fun. I enjoy seeing people milling about, eating in restaurants, spending time with family and friends. Shopping for pleasure and gifts is a social experience...very different from grocery shopping. 

So HAVE FUN this holiday season while you shop to find treasures for people you love. That’s the gift you give yourself...



Buying LOCAL is a Powerful Force. 
Consumer purchasing comprises 70% of the economy. Sonoma County GoLocal Economic InforMation & Solutions

By Terry Garrett,  Co-managing member of Sonoma County GO LOCAL

In his new book, The Local Economy Solution, progressive economist Michael Shuman continues his 20-year effort to wring the necks of worn economic development strategies and get communities to embrace what is know as “import substitution.”

Import substitution is a simple concept. You know those goods we currently import for consumption? Substitute locally made goods for them. Not all imported goods, just the ones we can readily produce—like food and beverages, jewelry, clothes, housewares, electric vehicles among a few.


WHY Buy from Locally-owned Toy Stores?

By Vesta Copestakes

The single most important reason to purchase toys from our locally-owned toy stores has nothing to do with supporting our local economy. It has everything to do with nurturing our children. These stores are FAR superior to Big Box toy stores in MANY ways.

What each and every one has in common is that they exist to NURTURE children…not just entertain them. You won’t find aisles divided into boy toys filled with primary colors and trucks, monsters, war and machines. Girl aisles filled with pink and pastel clothes…dolls and doll houses, cooking kits, cheap jewelry and make-up. 


Sonoma County Christmas Tree Farms 2015

Cutting a live tree for the holidays has been a tradition in my family for as long as I can remember. When my daughter Aleta was small, my favorite memory was her dressed as a fairy wandering among the trees until she found the one that was willing to die for us. She blessed the tree with her fairy wand, thanked it and we cut it down to bring home. That may have been the tree that lived all the way to Valentines Day. It was a very blessed tree.  Now we carry on the tradition with my granddaughters at a West County tree farm.

Here’s a list of tree farms - another farming tradition in Sonoma County. You might also consider purchasing a live tree from a local nursery (see list below) and some of these tree farms sell live trees, so please ask. If you have room in your yard, you can eventually plant it in the ground or keep it in a large pot to bring inside year after year. If potted, watering and misting throughout the summer is essential since it can’t put down deep tap roots.


Sonoma County Musical Instrument Stores

For the love of live music and musicians, here’s a list of local musical instrument stores. Sonoma County is home to hundreds of musicians and thousands of live music lovers. And there are short people coming up (kids) who can’t help themselves - they love to play music! And we need to feed them the ability to do so. Music lessons! Ask these musical instrument stores if the have music lessons and you’ll hear YES - with REAL Musicians teaching them! 


BE Creative - OR - BUY Creative & Unique Gifts

Sonoma County is home for many for artists. Something about the beauty, the climate, the support for creative people here. We have become a tourist destination not only for our wine and food, but also our artists. One of the tasks of the newly-formed Creative Sonoma is to help artists promote themselves as part of destination marketing. 



Sonoma and Napa County Dry Farmed Wines

Here’s a touchy subject! I keep asking experts on wine to recommend dry-farmed wines. Why? After years of drought people keep telling grape farmers that they need to dry-farm their grapes. If it were so simple there would be no reason to water any vines. But it’s not a matter of withholding water. Not every property, soil type, climate zone, etc. is suitable for dry farming. The methods to do this successfully are actually quite complex! You can’t just say “dry farm” to a farmer without getting a smile that says “you don’t know what you’re talking about.”


Lighten Up for the Holidays

The value of quiet time, reflection and tranquility is priceless. Finding a counterpoint to the pace and intensity of our culture is essential for stress reduction and health.

 “I don't have time to…” is far too common a phrase and is frequently used around relaxation and play. Responsibilities rule over alone time, down time, time to rejuvenate. Time poverty is robbing us of our connection to nature and ourselves. The constant dialogue that we exchange, “I am overwhelmed”, “I am too busy”, constricts our lives. These assumptions reinforce the way we are driving ourselves. “This is normal and the way it is,” has become the message we all keep telling each other and ourselves.





Small Shops of Sonoma County Advertisers Index and MAP

1 - Art & Soul of Sebastopol
154 & 156 N.Main St, Sebastopol

2 - Artful Arrangements
205 Orchard Ln, Penngrove

Artisan’s Co-op Bodega
17175 Bodega Hwy Bodega

4 - Beekind
921 Gravenstein Hwy. So., Sebastopol
707-824-2905 or 707-217-7912

5 - Bike Partners
512 Wilson St., Santa Rosa

Calabi Gallery
456 10th St, Santa Rosa

7 - Circle of Hands
7766 Healdsburg Ave. Sebastopol

8 - Cookie Take a Bite
432 Larkfield Center, Santa Rosa

9 - Copperfield’s Books
138 N. Main St, Sebastopol
Visit their website for stores near you

10 - Cultivate Home
186 N. Main St. #110, Sebastopol

11 - David Wills - Artist
415 608 4396

12 F.A. Ninos Sauce
1370 Industrial Ave – D, Petaluma

13 - Garrett Ace Hardware 
The Gift Horse
10540 Old Redwood Hwy,  Windsor  707-433-6590
AND - 1340 Healdsburg Ave, 
Healdsburg  707-433-5593

14 - Glass Images
16369 Main St, Guerneville

15 - Graton Gallery
9048 Graton RoadGraton

16 - Guerneville 5 & 10
16252 Main S., Guerneville

17 - Healthy Habits Massage
6101 Van Keppel Rd., Forestville

18 - Hen Haus
1334 Ross St.-C, Petaluma

19 - Heritage Salvage
1473 Petaluma Ave. So., Petaluma

20 Isis Oasis Bazaar
20889 Geyserville Ave, Geyserville

21 - Kaleidoscope Toys
2421 McGowan Dr. Santa Rosa
AND 9078 Windsor Rd, Windsor

22 - Kristin Thurman Upholstery
20514 Hwy 116, Monte Rio

23 Large Leather on the Plaza
481 A 1st S. West, Sonoma

24 - Larry Conover Jeweler
532 College Ave, Santa Rosa

25 - Little Luma
151 Petaluma Blvd South-141, Petaluma

26 Made Local Marketplace
529 4th St, Santa Rosa

27 - Marketplace on Fourth
845 4th St Santa Rosa
707- 303-7530

28 Michael & Company Jewelers
90 Mark West Springs Rd #120, Santa Rosa

29 - Glass Images - Russian River
16369 Main St. Guerneville

30 - Nancy’s Fancy’s 
3450 Airway Drive, Ste A, Santa Rosa

31 - Nightingale Breads
6665 Front St. Forestville

32 - Osmosis Day Spa Sanctuary
209 Bohemian Hwy. Freestone

33 - Passinissi’s Home & Garden
131 Kentucky St-B, Petlamuma

34 People’s Music
122 N. Main St. Sebastopol

35 - Plaza North Petaluma
259-B N. McDowell Blvd. Petaluma

36 Positively Fourth Street
628 Fourth St. Santa Rosa

37 - Retrospect
104 Petaluma Ave, Sebastopol

38 - Russian River Art Gallery
16357 Main St, Guerneville

39 - SAX Thrift
128 Liberty St., Petaluma

40 - Sazon Restaurant
1129 Sebastopol Rd. Santa Rosa

41 - Sebastopol Downtown Assoc.

42 Sebastopol Gallery
150 N Main St Sebastopol

43 Sebastopol Hardware
660 Gravenstein Hwy N. Sebastopol
707 823-7688

44 Silk Moon
195 North Main St. Sebastopol

45 - Sonoma County Regional Parks
2300 County Center Dr. Santa Rosa

46 - Sonoma Wool Company
Valley Ford

47 - Stanroy Music
850 Fourth St. Santa Rosa

48 - Stones Throw Gifts
15 Charles St. Cotati

49 Studio Nouveau
25195 B St. Duncans Mills
707 865 2461

50 Swan Haven Soap
3236 Skillman Ln. Petaluma

51 - Ubeadquitous
9111 Windsor Rd. Windsor
707- 838-3953

52 - Upstairs Art Gallery
306 Center St. Healdsburg

53 - Wild Birds Unlimited
71 Brookwood Ave. Santa Rosa