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Rio Nido Magic - November 2015


Rio Nido Magic - November 2015

by Elena Chronis

Russian River Rec. & Park and the Harris family:
Well, the long wait is over....stop the anticipation......its done.  A whopping "THANK YOU" to the Harris family. The Rio Nido Riverfront has been transferred over to Russian River Rec & Park. What does this exactly mean? Well, for starters, the RN Beach will finally have public access. A meeting was held with RRR&P on Wednesday, October 21ST for citizens to speak their mind on the beach and offer their ideas.  Suggestions and alternatives include: Sonoma Cty Regional Park standard signage, which contains a bulleted list including no lifeguard, swim at your own risk, no fires on beach, BBQ in designated areas only, clean up after pets, park open from sunrise to sunset. And consumption of alcohol prohibited. Should the beach be closed 1/2 hour before sunset, should there be a no camping sign and are dogs allowed? These are all questions that will be answered as we round the corner. Stay tuned for more information coming soon.

Business as usual in Rio Nido:
PG&E is definitely on top of their game this fall preparing for the winter. For the past two weeks, PG&E has been working with Davey Tree to cut back redwood branches from power lines and areas that could be potentially dangerous.  The County has also come out and repainted all the "Yield" signage. A big thanks for all the help.

Lower Russian River Branding Signage:
Have you noticed the cool new River branding signs? Still waiting on the Rio Nido sign. Not to worry, it is forthcoming shortly.  We're movin' on up! How exciting!

Rio Nido Roadhouse:
The RNR always has something fun in store all year round.
November is a great month at the RNR. Come on down and have some fun.

Saturday, November 7th: Naive Melodies will perform (Talking Heads Tribute band) $7.00 cover charge

Saturday, November 14th: Hot Zone $5.00 cover charge

Saturday, November 21st: Live music with the Tom Finn Band and RNR Chili Cookoff Fundraiser. (Look for signup sheets at the RNR). More details coming soon.

Saturday, November 28th: Levi Lloyd and the 501 Blues Band $5.00 cover charge.

From Halloween to Thanksgiving:
Gosh, time has been wizzing by....I dont even know what to say.  Seems like Summer was just yesterday. Halloween is always the best holiday in my book. Planning our Halloween costumes is always a fun time.  Every Halloween seems to be getting better and a lot more eventful. Now on to Thanksgiving....I love this holiday as well for it is such a hoot to get together with family and friends over good food, stimulating conversation and excellent beverages. Did someone say "Strawberry Margaritas?"  (PLEASE INSERT HALLOWEEN PHOTO HERE TO FOLLOW IN MY NEXT EMAIL).


Rio Nido Pet of the Month:
Bear the Rottweiler was born April 1st 2002 in Shasta County. Bear was six weeks old when he came to his forever home. His human parents came upon bear by accident and fell in love with him at first sight. Bear is very well loved. When he was a youngin he loved going to the childrens playground to play with his human siblings. He likes to play with birds and chase shadows. Bear is a good natured boy with a wonderfully kind disposition and is very protective. His food likes are: veggies, fruit and ofcourse steak. Bear is extremely laid back and friendly. He looks forward to long walks with his Rottweiler bestie, Jesse James of Canyon 6. Let's all give a warm welcome to RN's new resident Bear!