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North Coast Winds - December 2015 - Robin Joy


North Coast Winds - December 2015 - Robin Joy

by Robin Joy Wellman

I love Christmas and the holiday bustle that surround this time of year. I love wishing people happy holidays and do so by saying Merry Christmas. I generally don’t say Happy Hanukah or the other holiday greetings as I am not as familiar with other religions. I am Jesus centered and therefore this is what I say however I appreciate and welcome all greetings from everyone. Happy Holidays and Good Cheer!

Once again I plan to purchase gifts from local craft fairs, and our local businesses. I generally find gifts that I am sure my family and friends do not own but will be seen as ‘unusual, or one of a kind, or who would have thought about this’ sort of gift. 

There are many local events going on so please get out and about and share in some joy. At the Gualala Arts Center, ‘A Holiday Concert for the Coast’, will held December 12th at 4 PM with the Ernest Block Bell Ringers. The bell ringing is wonderful and I highly recommend it. On December 20th at 4:00 PM, ‘A Christmas Treasury of Song’, and December 24th, ‘The Nine Lessons and Carols’, will be performed by the LocalEyes Series. All events are family friendly, some are free, The Redwood Chamber of Commerce is at and lists many events from which aren’t necessarily holiday centered but are great local events and programs from music to scrabble. A visit to the Point Arena lighthouse I would like to encourage you, your friends, and family to start thinking about the ‘First Day Hikes’ in all our local parks. Fort Ross State Historic Park will host a hike and lecture to the Fort Ross Cemetery and the bluff top trail to the Reef Camp area. They will once again start with an opening blessing from Kashaya Elder Lorin Smith. Most county, state, and national parks participate in this with millions of people getting out to enjoy the beauty that surrounds us on the First Day of the New Year. 

I want to acknowledge our community friends who might find this time of year a difficult time in their lives. Our arms are around you. Reach out to your community and find the warmth of those who will comfort you. I encourage everyone to bring your talents to the craft fairs, join in some singing or take a drive around town admiring all the Christmas lights. Bing Crosby said ‘share joy with everyone you meet’. I wish you all a wonderful holiday season. Merry Christmas.