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Springs Splash - December 2015 - Thomas Martin


Springs Splash - December 2015 - Thomas Martin

by Tom Martin

Immigration Issue Moves To The U.S. Supreme Court!

Outcome may impact Springs Residents!

President Obama’s Executive Order to allow over 5,000,000 illegal immigrants to remain in the U.S. if they meet certain rules is going before the Supreme Court. The Court’s decision may have a serious effect on unknown Springs’ residents. 

Reality, not rhetoric, on immigration

Whatever the outcome, the Court’s ruling will reach into neighborhoods and locales across the nation. This isn’t rhetoric of Republican presidential candidates, it’s a reality. How many of the five million illegal immigrants covered by this case live among us in the Springs is unknown. It is likely that some live here, work here, and have children who were born here – American citizens.

“It Can’t Happen Here!” Or, can it?

During World War II there were movies, billboards, and stories proclaiming, “It can’t happen here!” This was in reaction to atrocities reported in Europe and Asia. A decision by the Supreme Court to round up and deport five million residents would certainly resemble the Nazi arrests of Jews in the 1930’s and 40’s for transportation to camps. The result might be different, that is, deportation, not extermination, but the knock on the door and methods used to accomplish that end will be the same.

Springs Community Alliance Meeting Draws A Crowd!

Chairperson Rich Lee presided over the November SCA meeting of nearly forty citizens. Topics discussed included…

Agua Caliente Road Speeding and Sight Issues… that were reported in the November Gazette will move to the Board of Supervisors’ Chambers in January. The Dept. of Transportation will recommend changes in parking, signage, and red curbing. These changes result from a meeting between Supervisor Susan Gorin and Aqua Caliente residents over traffic danger along that corridor. 

Post Office and Churchmouse Get A Paint Job! The drab pink is gone thanks to Jack Metallinos, owner of the building at the corner of Hwy 12 and Boyes Blvd. Color specialist Elisa Stancil recommended the new hues. Supervisor Susan Gorin’s Springs Aide Jennifer Gray reported the color scheme was coordinated with architect Adrian Martinez who recently submitted plans for a pizzeria on the former Uncle Patty’s site.

Wish to be an Springs Community Alliance Officer? Participate on Committees?  Be part of the Springs Renaissance! Contact Chairperson Rich Lee. There’s room for everyone.

Chamber of Commerce Promotes Holiday Shopping… Laurie Decker announced that the Chamber is promoting a “Buy Sonoma - Buy Springs” program with door hangers and posters. Decker agreed copies should be bilingual. 

Ricardo Ybarra heads up La Prensa Sonoma. Ricardo Ybarra introduced himself at the meeting. Ybarra will produce La Prensa Sonoma, a Spanish language e-mail newsletter.

Robert Barnhart of the Lonesome Cowboy Ranch… reported on a “Springboard” meeting where Danielle Ronshausen of the County Health Services Department presented progress of the Sonoma County Healthy Retail Project. Staff from the Healthy Retail Project visits local markets and evaluates health levels of products sold. Owners, if interested, make healthier changes inside their stores to increase offerings of healthier foods and beverages for their customers. Ms. Ronshausen reported that Sonoma County young people (12 -18) have a high rate soda pop intake. Barnhart and Marcos Suarez, County Program Manager, reported because of this program there has been a decline of sales of sugar drinks offered by markets.

Future SCA Events: Chair Rich Lee announced that the next SCA meeting will be Thursday, December 10. In addition he announced a Springs Celebration and a Springs Town Hall Meeting to be held early next year.