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Geyserville Grapevine - December 2015


Geyserville Grapevine - December 2015

As we swing into the rest of the holiday season, Geyserville is putting on its winter wardrobe with Christmas lights, frosty window decorations, and a bright array of gifts. For something truly authentic, or at least from a truly authentic general store, Bosworth’s General Store offers some wonderful clothing and even jewelry items, along with everything you’d need to outfit a cowboy or cowgirl- either for fun or for serious work. Gin Gilly’s can outfit a new or vintage kitchen with fresh but old-fashioned tools, gadgets, plates, and accessories. I like the rustic-looking yet LED operated taper candles but my favorites vary with every visit – which, for the sake of my budget, I try to space out.  Our multiple tasting rooms are brightly decorated and offering some holiday specials of their own. For a sweet two-block-long  “Downtown”, Geyserville really packs it all in! 

December also brings one of our favorite events here at Isis Oasis Sanctuary, the return of the annual Winter Solstice Holiday Harp Concert on December 19th featuring Diana Stork and  the young harpists from the Bay Area Youth Harp Ensemble (BAYHE) playing Christmas, traditional Celtic, and other holiday tunes from around the world.  It takes place in our Grand Temple located in the  beautiful  Redwood Church originally built in 1935. It’s a wonderful way to show appreciation for these young harpists and to enjoy a special evening at the Oasis. This year, we are also offering a buffet dinner prior to the performance. Dinner begins at 6pm and the concert starts at 7pm on  Saturday, December 19th. The concert itself is $15 per adult, $10 for seniors and children. Contact us at (707) 857-4747 for group ticket rates. The optional buffet supper prior to the performance is $20 per person, $10 for seniors and children, and will feature baked chicken, potatoes, salad and soup, and dessert, along with vegan and vegetarian options, all perfect for a cool December evening.  

Geyserville’s Chianti Road has a new winery, Virginia Dare, the latest vine-child from Francis Ford Coppola. While most Geyservillians – and many from far beyond our town’s borders – are very familiar with the Coppola winery on Archimedes off of the Independence exit on 101, this is an entirely new venture. Just as he has revived the old Inglenook name at his other winery in Napa, this one is also a revival of sorts. A radio jingle and a pretty girl on a wine label impressed the 6-year-old Francis, and now he has created a winery to go with the memory.  While the new website boasts that Virginia Dare has been creating wines since 1835, that omits a few decades after Francis’s childhood when the original winery was defunct. But they seem to be making up for lost time with the recent release of Virginia Dare Chardonnay and Virginia Dare Pinot Noir, both released in November. The winery is open every day from 11am to 4:30pm, and is located at 22281 Chianti Road in Geyserville (formerly Geyser Peak). More information at or by calling (707) 735-3500.

As always, if you have news about Geyserville, let me know about it! Contact me at the email above.