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Saving Livestock in an Emergency - The Halter Project


Saving Livestock in an Emergency
The Halter Project

By Tom & Julie Atwood

In a major emergency such as The Valley Fire, communities must work together, neighbor to neighbor, to save our beloved and valuable animals and property. The economic and public health impacts of livestock loss resulting from a disaster in Sonoma County could be devastating. With our heritage of family ranches, and an economy largely driven by the beauty and bounty of the agricultural landscape, Sonoma County should lead the way in preparedness. 

The HALTER Project supports training for first responders, provides scholarships for professional responders, facilitates the purchase of large animal rescue equipment for diverse locations in Sonoma County, and manages major fundraisers for animal relief and recovery.

The Halter Project also works to provide appropriate resources and information to qualified community members interested in developing certified Animal Disaster volunteer groups. HALTER serves as a community outreach resource, offering access to accurate and current information to enable understanding of the protocols and chain of command that must be obeyed and respected to ensure safety and effectiveness for all involved.

The current fire season, earthquake, El Nino forecast, and insistence of drivers to crash through fences and animals to get themselves into bad situations--all reinforce the need for certified responders to safely and humanely assist with large animal emergencies.

Join the HALTER Project and receive information about safety, emergency planning and volunteer training to become an Animal Disaster Volunteer. To learn more, visit