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North Bay Groups Team Up for Climate Mobilization


North Bay Groups Team Up for Climate Mobilization

Keystone rejected, now for real change in Paris

Local groups gear up for massive climate mobilization in Oakland

President Obama’s rejection of the Keystone Pipeline signals increasing opportunities for substantive climate change agreements this December in Paris, according to three North Bay environmental organizations that have teamed up to encourage Sonoma County residents to join in a national climate mobilization campaign.   People power killed the pipeline, now people power is needed to push the international community into adopting strong policies to combat climate change, they say.

350 Sonoma County, Sonoma County Conservation Action and the Redwood Chapter of the Sierra Club are pooling their resources to provide bus transportation to the NorCal Climate Mobilization march and rally in Oakland November 21.  In addition, 350 Sonoma County is inviting residents to participate in the “Redwood Revolution Community Climate Art Project” which will produce a ”forest” of redwood shaped recycled cardboard signs to deliver messages of hope and action at the Oakland rally.

The Paris Climate talks offer the greatest opportunity in years for new international government action to address climate change.  The Keystone rejection, new Obama Administration climate policies, China’s willingness to begin new climate programs, the moral force of Pope Francis, as well as increasing occurrences of climate disruption set the stage for real action in Paris. Without massive citizen action however, governments will not go nearly as far as necessary in signing serious binding commitments to curb global warming. The November 21 Climate Mobilization and similar events around the country and world will tell our leaders that significant action is needed now.

The three North Bay groups have teamed up to rent buses that will leave from the Federal Building in downtown Santa Rosa and Sonoma State University.  Buses will leave from the Santa Rosa Federal Building at 9am and return at approximately 4:30 pm on Saturday, November 21st.  Roundtrip bus tickets are $20.  In addition, the Sierra Club is sponsoring a special bus for Santa Rosa Junior College and Sonoma State University students at a reduced rate of $5. The bus will pick up and return students to the Santa Rosa Federal Building and the SSU campus.

To purchase bus tickets go to  

Go to: , , or  for information about organizing for the rally and other local climate organizing and activism opportunities.

Sonoma County residents can also participate in the Redwood Revolution Community Art Project.

For the project, hundreds of Sonoma County residents are creating redwood trees made out of triangles of recycled cardboard that contain images and messages of climate hope and of what we love and want to protect.

A  moving forest of these trees will be carried at the NorCal Climate Mobilization on November 21. December 12 the triangles will be assembled into one giant redwood tree to be photographed aerially at a Sonoma County location This is the day after international climate negotiations conclude in Paris and is an international day of climate action. The image will be Sonoma County’s message of climate hope to the world.


Redwood Revolution Climate Change Art Project

Please visit for more information about the Redwood Revolution Community Art Project.  Contact Sunny (, Winston ( or Darcy ( for more information.

Redwood Revolution Community Art Project

Local environmental organization 350 Sonoma County is organizing the Redwood Revolution: Community Climate Art in preparation for the United Nations Paris Climate Summit November 30 - December 11th. Sonoma County residents of all ages are participating in the project by decorating recycled cardboard triangles with personal messages for the delegates about the beauty of their home in the Sonoma County and rallying calls for real action on climate change at the Paris Climate Summit. The triangles will be assembled into redwood trees and carried as a mobile forest.

Winston Friedman, co-creator of the project said of his vision: “The idea of this project is to bring people together so that we can express what our concerns are and mobilize our community towards a future that we all want”.

Teaming up with Friedman are 350 Sonoma County environmental activists, including Sunny Galbraith: “I am so excited about this project. It is a collaborative and beautiful way to express our concerns and to send a message to our elected officials and delegates to the Paris Climate Summit to create a meaningful and binding international climate agreement”.

Be part of the Redwood Revolution!

It’s easy! Here are the steps (see photo below for an example of triangles created middle school, high school and college students and people of all ages).

  1. Create a triangle out of cardboard that has a base between16-26 inches and a height between 9-12 inches
  2. Decorate your triangle with images of what you care about in Sonoma County or the world (animals, trees, plants, open spaces, etc.). You can use any medium you want: paint, pen, cloth, collage, etc.
  3. Add a message to our leaders. Ideas:
    1. What do you want leaders to do about climate change?
    2. What are you concerned about?  (you can add images for this as well)
    3. What do you love that needs to be protected?
  4. Drop your triangle off at Sunny Galbraith’s house: 440 High St, Sebastopol. There is a box next to the mail box for the triangles.