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Local Authors Speak - Women at Ground Zero


Local Authors Speak
Women at Ground Zero

The authors were riveted to the news after 9/11 as we all were. They watched in horror and disbelief watching four hijacked planes crash into the World Trade Center, Pentagon and in Pennsylvania. 

Mary Carouba (investigative social worker) and Susan Hagan (Santa Rosa firefighter) heard over and over about our brave male rescue workers, the policemen, firemen, EMT’s. Yes, indeed, we couldn’t have recovered without them, but the authors wanted to know, what about the women rescuers? Are only men strong, brave and heroic?

A few weeks after the attack, the authors got a month’s leave from work and went to Manhattan to find the women first responders of 9/11.

This book is a powerful collection of first-person stories told by female firefighters, police officers, paramedics, EMTs, and others who responded to the events of September 11 and its aftermath. Women at Ground Zero provides a unique perspective on the events of that terrible day through the eyes of women rescuers who risked their lives to save others. Through their heartbreaking and inspiring stories, the voices of female rescue workers and their contributions at Ground Zero are finally heard. 

These Sonoma County local authors have done an excellent job of interviewing women firefighters, police officers, EMT’s, and others who responded to the World Trade Center. These rescuers have looked into hell -- and have surely gone through emotional hells of their own -- and yet were still able to talk frankly about their experiences. Their presentation is low-key, almost matter-of-fact, which serves as a dramatic counterpoint to the intensity of the subject. The result is a very moving and highly readable collection of profiles that forms an important piece of the historical record.

Especially if you are a woman -- and even if you’re not -- this is the 9/11 book you need to read cover to cover. Their stories are at the same time gut-wrenching and awe-inspiring. If you read one book on the September 11 tragedy this should be the one. 

Power Point presentation at Gaia’s Garden
1899 Mendocino Ave. Santa Rosa
Monday, November 9th at 6-8:30 pm

All proceeds from the sales of the book go to Women in the Fire Service, Inc. & National Center for Women and Policing. or 544-2491