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Virtual School Students Log on to online public school


Virtual School Students Log on to online public school

With advancements in technology continuing to boom around the world, schools today are different than ever before. Students have laptops and webcams easily accessible at home, and many students in California are now using these tools for academics by enrolling in virtual school. 

Connections AcademyOnline education, which was once reserved for higher education, is now a growing trend among K-12 students nationwide. During the 2013-14 school year, approximately 2.7 million students took part in online/blended learning, according to the report Enrollment in Educational Institutions by the National Center for Education Statistics. In California alone, the Department of Education reports 56,637 students take one or more online course. 

Virtual education offers a non-traditional learning environment for children who want a flexible schedule, are ahead or behind in the classroom, learn at a different pace from their peers, or want a more individualized approach to learning. 

One local example of this trend in action is virtual school California Connections Academy @ North Bay, an accredited, tuition-free online public school serving students in grades K-12 throughout Sonoma County, as well as the neighboring counties of Colusa, Glenn, Lake, Mendocino, Napa and Yolo. 

At this school, students attend their classes via LiveLesson®, Connections Academy’s online classroom. Students are able to interact with their teachers and other students, and teachers can modify assignments and curriculum in real-time to meet each student’s individual needs. 

California Connection Academy @ North Bay hires state-credentialed teachers who work with students and learning coaches—generally a parent or other caretaker—to develop customized learning programs that address each student’s personal education needs. Unlike homeschooling, parents or caretakers don’t have the added burden of developing their own curriculum. 

Furthermore, the school maintains a curriculum that meets rigorous state education standards, and offers innovative courses including foreign languages, digital technology, and web design, as well as college credit and Career Technical Education (CTE) courses for students interested in gaining career-specific knowledge. Advanced placement classes are also offered for students that want to get a head start on college. 


Though students are receiving their education online, there are still a wide variety of opportunities that allow for social interactions with their peers. At California Connections Academy @ North Bay, students are able to join virtual art clubs, literary clubs, math clubs, science clubs, volunteer clubs and more. Furthermore, they can partake in online spelling bees, contests and talent shows in addition to in-person events such as picnics, parties and field trips.
While there are a number of reasons for making the switch to virtual school, choosing the perfect fit for each child is never an easy task. Connections Academy recommends speaking with a parent whose child is currently enrolled at a virtual school or attending a virtual school event in the area.