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North Coast Winds - November 2015 - Robin Joy


North Coast Winds - November 2015 - Robin Joy

by Robin Joy Wellman

It’s natural to start thinking about offering gratitude to those around us as we move into November and Thanksgiving.  And it’s even more natural to want to share that gratitude with those you live with. A small note under a pillow, a hand-picked bouquet of flowers, or just a special moment as you speak of the little things they do for you. Don’t forget those you work with, your teachers, coaches, the delivery guys, the gardeners, the mechanics, and all those who help to create the life we live in. Again, a hand written note of thanks for those little tasks they do or a little something something goes a long long way! And please don’t forget your sweet animals that adore you each and every day no matter what! Now that is Gratitude! 

I would like to say thank you – from all of us in this community to all the businesses that get repeated knocks on the doors for auction items, donations, and to volunteer – A big Thank You! Community members, if you have kids in our local schools, if you have a pet you love and adore from our local Humane Society, if you drive a car, if you ride the bus, if you shop at our local stores, if you use our local delivery services, if you attend most of the musical and drama productions, if you breathe the coastal air (did I go too far on this one) you are receiving the benefits from people and places that donate time and services. Sometimes just saying “hey I saw you playing the piano for the students drama production” or “I know your business donates and I want to thank you for making a difference’ means everything. It feels good too! Gratitude! 

Our coast is active and spirited. You can find the many gatherings, events, art openings, productions, and parade info at these websites. Action Network includes classes for all ages, group meetings, and after school programs at  . Gualala Arts lists events including Festival of Trees at  The Redwood Chamber of Commerce is at and lists many events from various local businesses including Garcia River Casino. The Tuesday Scrabble group looks inviting! And while you’re in the north area visit the Point Arena Lighthouse . I want to say a few more things about the Parade. It takes a village to make a great parade. So please sign up with your business or organization with the Redwood Coast Chamber. 

I wish everyone a month full of gratitude in the little things and the daily routines that we normally take for granted. Surprise someone with a bowl full of Gratitude – it might last for the whole year.