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Springs Splash - November 2015 - Thomas Martin


Springs Splash - November 2015 - Thomas Martin

by Tom Martin

Hot Issues Raised At Springs Community Alliance Meeting

Anna Pier chaired an SCA meeting at the Charter School in mid-October. Ideas for a town hall meeting were discussed. While the town hall meeting is postponed the problems remain current. 

Key issues:

Hwy 12: Partial completion – lights – to be installed by Oct. 31. 

Parking District: Jennifer Gray, Community Liaison for Sup. Susan Gorin, spoke of a parking district being created through an ABAG Grant (Assn. of Bay Area Governments).

Affordable Housing: Juan Hernandez, Executive Secretary of La Luz, stated, “The most important issue facing the Springs is a housing shortage.” His claim engendered discussion about the interrelationship of housing and employee turnover. Workers cannot remain locally employed due to high rents, evictions and vacation rentals. See Sup. Gorin’s comments in the Sonoma Valley Sun (Sept. 4 & 21).   

Day Labor Center: Peter Hodgson, proprietor of the Barking Dog Roasters, spoke of the need for a Day Labor Center where employment may be offered though an organized hiring hall. Instead of standing on street corners workers could go to a Day Labor Center like those in Healdsburg and Graton. 

Artescape hosts Dia de los Muertos 

On November 1, come see the altar, and honor a family member by adding to the altar and join in making a sugar skull. Free, 5-8pm. For info call 707-938-5551 or email 17474 Sonoma HighwaySonoma. 


Agua Caliente Road Residents Angry About Speeding!

Supervisor Susan Gorin convened a meeting at the Hanna Boys Center in late September to hear resident complaints of speeding on Agua Caliente Road. Sup. Gorin arranged for CHP Lt. Kelly Clarke-Cardoza and other officers to attend together with Susan Klassen, Sonoma County Director of Transportation and Public Works and staff members. 

Residents complained of speeding when drivers failed to reduce speed after crossing the Sonoma Creek bridge. The speed limit drops from 40 to 30 mph after the bridge. Also, residents complain of poor visibility along Agua Caliente Rd. because of so many cars. Visibility is especially limited when turning from Lake Street during commute and school pickup hours 

Lt. Clarke-Cardoza said more patrols recently have been added in the area. The CHP officials said they would increase surveillance. During Highway 12 construction Agua Caliente has experienced increased usage. Drivers use Arnold Drive to Agua Caliente or Madrone to cross the valley. 

John Mc Carthy and Brian Albee of Public Works listened to a number of proposals. Among the suggestions was to add a stop light after the Sonoma Creek bridge, eliminate parking zones, add red curbing, catch speedsters with radar, move the bus stop for visibility, add “no parking” zones, add flashing sign crosswalks, and place prominent signing from Sonoma Creek to Hwy. 12. Each proposal drew comments from officials and the CHP officers as to their relative merits. The new Mid-Pen housing project was discussed. County officials said they would take resident views with them for study and action. One neighbor concluded, “Thank you for helping our neighborhood.”

Mountain Lion Sighting – Calle Del Arroyo/Los Robles Drive

On Oct. 12 in a streetside discussion a woman offered advice to a Los Robles Drive resident. The woman didn’t leave her name, but claimed her neighbor on Central Avenue sighted a mountain lion at the corner of Los Robles Drive and Calle del Arroyo while walking with her child. She said that as she approached Calle del Arroyo a deer jumped from nearby bushes followed by the lion. The event was reportedly given to animal control authorities. Efforts to obtain a confirmation from animal control agencies have not been successful. Readers with information about the sighting please call 938-5025. 

October Follow Up – New City Revenues – SB 25 - Incorporation

The October column noted that a bill (SB 25) was awaiting Governor Brown’s signature. SB 25 provided that four new Riverside county cities would receive vehicle license fees. 2011 legislation erased the fees for newly formed cities. The four cities were seeking to cover a 50% loss of revenues. Gov. Brown vetoed the bill. Finding sufficient revenues is the major hurdle for any community hoping to become a city. Those discussing incorporation of the Springs need to bear this in mind.