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Mitzvah Moments - November 2015 - Tish Levee


Mitzvah Moments - November 2015 - Tish Levee

by Tish Levee

It’s hot and hotter!

September was California’s hottest month on record, the country’s second hottest, and the earth’s hottest. Our planet is warming, and it’s doing so very fast. To limit the extent of the damage we’re doing, we’ve got to do more. Fourteen Fortune 500 companies, including BP and Shell, have voiced support for strong global agreements on climate change in Paris this year. “[c]ompanies with real skin in the game know emissions need to come down and…believe the low-carbon transition requires stronger leadership from governments…,” said Center for Climate and Energy Solutions President Bob Perciasepe. 

Grassroots works!

On October 14th, thousands of people marched in170 communities to demand action on climate change. Grassroots events such as this are having a big effect. A new survey shows at least 70% of Americans now believe the science behind global warming—an increase of 10% in the last year.

Don’t stop now!

Plan on being at these events: 

24 Hours of Reality on November 13-14 ( and the Global Climate March,, two weeks of action beginning Nov. 28th to coincide with the Paris Climate Talks, including several events in the Bay Area.

There’s still a drought on, turn the water off!

A NOAA recent update said manmade global warming and El Niño caused the drought. There’s a godzilla El Niño predicted this year, but, according to NOAA it will increase next year’s temperatures and probably increase drought. It’s also means flooding and mudslides. Just last weekend torrential rains in Southern California caused massive mudslides near Tehachapi. Remember, this is a Mediterranean climate; even if we get lots of rain this winter, we could still be in drought next year, and we will surely be there again in the future. All the water saving ideas we’ve learned in the last several years need to become the “new normal.” While you’re at it, make that “lawn be gone.” At Mulchstock on Oct. 26th, Daily Acts and a huge crowd of volunteers transformed 64,000 square feet of lawn in Petaluma, saving 1.6 million gallons of water a year! Transforming 500 square feet of lawn can save 2500 gallons/month!

Renewable Energy is taking off everywhere! Let’s Increase It! 

Locally Sonoma Clean Power’s default option—CleanStart—is 36% renewable plus 44% large hydroelectric, which California doesn’t considered renewable; SCP’s Evergreen is 100% renewable. Elsewhere more states and cities are taking the renewable route: five states plus DC and three cities, most recently Aspen, CO, have 100% renewable power. At least 11 countries have more than 99% renewable electricity. Even nomads in Mongolia are now using 70% solar power! However, California’s only 75% renewable, but we don’t count not large hydroelectric.  By 2020, 26% of earth’s electricity could come from renewable energy and 50% by 2030. In Sonoma County we could reach 50% even sooner. Help make that happen— sign up for Evergreen 100% renewable electricity at The average family’s cost is only $18 more a month than for CleanStar

New Fees for rooftop solar could slow down renewable energy.

Proposals filed with the PUC would eliminate “net metering” and impose new fees for solar customers of PGE and other large utilities. Sign the petition at  to protect California’s solar power, reduce air pollution, create jobs, and lower energy costs.

Which is the greenest city?

Surprise, it’s New York! Having a renewable electric grid is only part of what’s needed to reduce global warming. Transportation’s responsible for 65% of Sonoma County’s greenhouse gas emissions. NYC’s transit system helps make it the greenest city. Few people own their own cars.

Three more ways to keep fossil fuels in the ground.

Reassess your automobile use—walk, bike, or take public transit at least once a week. 

Make you next car “green.” Toyota aims to eliminate gasoline fueled vehicles by 2050. We need to eliminate fossil fuels much sooner; an EV (electric vehicle) can do that—especially as our electricity is so renewable. 

If you own stocks, make sure you aren’t investing in fossil fuels; work to make sure any group or organization you belong to does the same. 


Mitzvah Moments by Tish Levee

© Tish Levee, 2015