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Cotati Heart & Soul - Deborah Taylor-French - November 2015


Cotati Heart & Soul - November 2015

by Deborah Taylor-French

“Each autumn brings its harvest, yet it never leaves you with a thought of finality. There will always be a new planting, new blossoms and new fruits…it makes no difference what your harvest may have been last year, today you can create a new future if you have the faith to believe you can.”
~ Ernest Holmes

Another thing I love about living in Cotati are the friendly and generous people I meet here. Rarely a day goes by that I don’t meet someone new downtown. Walking by the little shops and  chatting with a business owner, I find over and over again “Cotatians” do interesting things and happily pitch in to get good things done. At Shige Sushi Japanese Kitchen, I celebrated a friend’s birthday in October. What a delightful time. We enjoyed Shige’s attentive staff, intimate dinning area and fresh food. Rebecca ordered the California roll without the mayo. The Futomaki  (fat rolled sushi with vegetables) came a perfection of sweet, tangy and a dash of sour. Shige remains a local business that still posts flyers for fundraisers. I noticed they had already hosted a fund raiser for Lake County fire victims. With their quick service our host helped us arrive on time for our Bollywood Orchestra event at The Green Center.

Gratitude for musical goodness, The Green Center

The Green Center, a local nonprofit, continues to grow its mission of education, promoting peace and understanding through multi-cultural performances and summer musical programs for youth. We have enjoyed a gamut of musical performances there in recent years ranging from Laurie Anderson, to Winton Marsalis and The Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra, to Jérôme Mouffe a talented young Belgian guitarist in the Schroeder Hall. 

The Center for Spiritual Living 

For over 16 years, I have devoted my time, money and talent to the Center for Spiritual Living, teaching in the youth and family service and leading drum circles. CSL provides a remarkable breadth of community service and support for a range of non-profits serving the underserved in Sonoma County. They welcome all members of the community to their multi-cultural and LGBT friendly services that include 12-step programs, grief and loss support, writing as a spiritual practice and many educational programs. 

The Sitting Room a community library, Penngrove – Harvest Dinner November 6

“Since 1981, the privately funded Sitting Room, with its collection of several thousand donated volumes, unusual magazines, and small press books, has been ‘a place of solace and comfort in a brash and busy world’."  They offer quality writing workshops and book clubs many free of charge. Check out their Events and Workshops. They have a deep collection of lesser-known American women writers. Their cozy rooms offer a quiet place to browse, research, read, write, and converse--yes, here you can talk, and even eat, without any reprimand. I always attend their annual harvest diner: this year Friday, November 6 from 6-9 pm. This is a fundraiser for The Living Room, the Santa Rosa located day-shelter for homeless women and their children. They are always glad for the small necessities such as diapers, baby wipes, day planners, hygiene kits, bus cards, and children’s books. This year The Living Room would especially welcome $$s. 

Songbird Center – more fun, more classes and healing modalities

Songbird Center provides a beautiful space to experience a variety of healing modalities and a community of supportive people. They offer Gentle Therapeutic Yoga with calm and caring instructor Carol Hince every Friday. This class is for those with back, neck or knee injuries and seniors who cannot do a standard yoga class. Both beginning and continuing students are welcome. I have personally taken her classes and find them refreshing and opening. Their Friday night Flock talks cover a range of topics from healthy diet to clutter clearing. In November: The Art of Relaxation; Eliminate PTSD Symptoms; and Self-Empowerment for the Holidays. Check out their calendar of events

Please Vote for Measure B to fund our school this November

Measure B has already made major improvements at Cotati’s one elementary school, Thomas Page Academy. Please continue to support our students and our teachers, the future of our community.