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3 Japanese Maple Myths


3 Japanese Maple Myths

Gardeners frequently have incorrect assumptions about the care of existing and newly planted landscape trees – specifically Japanese maples. As professionals, we provide them with information to quell these myths and concerns.

Because we too are deeply concerned about the consequences of this prolonged drought, Joe Monte, co-owner, is offering a presentation as a community service.

During this workshop Joe, who is LEED certified, a garden designer, and a professional tree shaper, will offer facts to disprove the following myths:   

1. If I keep my Japanese maple alive, I will certainly exceed my water allocation.… Wrong.

Note: Response to this myth naturally ties in with response to # 2

2. Suppose I have eliminated all or nearly all my lawn and am re-landscaping.   If I plant a Japanese maple, I will no longer have a water-wise garden.…Wrong.

3. All maples need to grow in the shade.… Wrong. 

October 25 @ 2 pm Presenter: Joseph Monte Wildwood Nursery


10300 Sonoma Hwy 12, Kenwood, 707.833.1161  or