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KBBF Bilingual Radio - October 2015


KBBF Bilingual Radio - October 2015

by Edgar Avila

Our station continues to grow thanks to support from the community and the dedication of its core volunteers, especially its Board of Directors. In June, we reported that KBBF Radio was taking applications for a full-time General Manager. This latest development in our underdog community radio story is especially exciting, as KBBF has not had a paid position since 2010. After months of searching for the perfect candidate, the ad-hoc hiring committee finally decided on Vylma Ortiz, from Berkeley, of KPFA’s “La Raza Chronicles” fame. Vylma joins the team with much excitement to move KBBF into the future. The combination of her activist and legal backgrounds is the perfect balance that KBBF needs to truly serve the community while staying on top of all the complex legal requirements needed to run a government-regulated public radio station. We welcome Vylma to the North Bay with open arms!

On Labor Day, KBBF was the first news organization to break the story about the Homeless Action Camp Michaela homeless encampment. Camp Michaela is an effort by local homeless people and activists to provide a safe place for people to live. This comes at a time of controversy about the dramatically rising costs of living in Sonoma County. The organizers say that the camp also serves as a political response to what they see as unwillingness on the part of local officials to take the problem of homelessness seriously. At approximately 3:00 PM on Labor Day, KBBF programmer DJ Broken Record interrupted regular programming and took over the air waves to broadcast reports that were coming live from the site, and provided live Spanish translation. The recording of the report was then immediately uploaded to YouTube ( Other news agencies began to cover the story later that night.

Monthly Fundraiser 

Thanks to our friends in the Lowrider community, KBBF will once again be celebrating Halloween with classic cars and candy for kids. Join us on October 17th (the third Saturday of the month) from 6pm to 10pm here at the Carpenter’s Labor Center, 1700 Corby Ave. in Santa Rosa, and make sure to tune in to Juan Roman’s Late Night Oldies every Sunday at 10pm to keep up on your local Lowrider culture.

In the Community 

On October 24th, KBBF will participate once again in Science Discovery Day, a family-friendly event to encourage the community to discover and explore the wonders of science. In recent years, KBBF’s help in promoting the event has resulted in a sharp increase in Latino involvement. The event boasts over 100 science-related activities for the whole family to participate in. It will be held at the Sonoma County Fairgrounds on October 24th from 10:30 AM to 4pm. The admission (as well as parking) will be free!


In the past few months, KBBF has been ramping up its Underwriting efforts. For public radio stations, the process of Underwriting allows donors to be acknowledged on the air, whether individuals, non-profits, or companies. The on-air acknowledgment can include name, contact info, location, description of products or services, information about an event, or a non-commercial slogan. If you, your organization, or company would like an Underwriting announcement on the air, please contact KBBF at

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