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Sebastappeal - November - Sarah Gurney


Sebastappeal - November - Sarah Gurney

by Sarah Glade Gurney

Sebastopol In Peaces 

Celebrate Friendship and World Peace

On November 7, Sebastopol World Friends hosts its annual Friendship Dinner at the Enmanji Buddhist Temple.  Sharing food and culture from our sister cities, the group will serve an all-you-can-eat buffet featuring sushi, borsht, dumplings and other international treats. Taiko drumming and Ukrainian music follow dinner.  

Dinner tickets and sales from the Silent Auction of local goods and services will raise money for the group’s youth scholarship fund. 

“Get connected.  Come find out how you can help build world peace, one friend at a time,” says SWF Chair Abigail Evans.  Participants – students, adults, and host families – become Sebastopol’s “grass-roots ambassadors” to Takeo City, Japan, and Chyhyryn, Ukraine, through the exchange program.

The event will be in the Memorial Hall at 1200 Gravenstein Hwy. South.  Doors open at 6 PM and the program starts at 6:30 PM.  The suggested donation is $15/adult and $5/child.  For more information, contact or 707.478.6169.

Work For Peace

Jim Corbett, aka Mr. Music and Mr. Peacetown, will be cleaning up the Peace Garden, located between the Community Center and the Annex.  

Jim has put a lot of tender loving care into this once-ignored corner and turned it into a special place.  He’s decorated it with a Peace Pole and painted circular tiles.  He’s created a seating area honoring former Mayor Bill Roventini.  Patrick Amiot built a gateway, honoring our children lost to early deaths, marking the entrance to the garden.   

Now Jim needs your help on his workday on Nov. 1.  For details, contact Jim at 823.5849. 

Follow The Peace Trail

 Sebastopol Walks finishes its eighth successful year on Saturday, Nov. 28, with a 7-mile route about town that links Peace Poles installed in parks, churches, and private yards – the Peace Trail.

The last docent-led walk features the Peace Trail because it was the first proposal submitted to the committee’s new joint effort with Cittaslow Sebastopol called “Favorite Walks.”  Conceived by a local peace activist, the walk features 8 poles with messages in more than 12 languages.

Just like it sounds, the Favorite Walks program will publicize community-sourced routes in town, with new highlights and points of interest.  Future Favorite Walks will be self-guided.  Maps, details and other support will be easily available through the website  

Consider filling out an application to promote your most Favorite Walk.  

Enjoy Some Peaceful Time – Reading Cool Books

Barbara Talcroft, the founding Chair of LANTERN, our community group working for an improved library facility, encourages you to read this holiday season.  “This is a golden age for picture books. The art, contributed by the best illustrators and graphic artists, is wonderful.  There’s something for everyone, including adults!” she enthuses.

With 13 years’ experience reviewing children’s literature, Barbara can lead you to some good books, so you spend quality time reading with your children or grandchildren this winter.  

Check out Barbara’s recommendations at  Click on BUZZ then Blog, and you’ll see Cool Books. 

Offer Up Your Prayers for Peace 

As you drive round The Plaza, you’ll pass Sebastopol’s Living Peace Wall on the northeast corner of the intersection of Petaluma Avenue, McKinley Street and Laguna Parkway.  This monument honors people, local and international, who have worked nonviolently for peace and justice.

Dedicated in October before a crowd of 150 people, the project took its creators, Michael Gillotti and Richard Retecki, almost three years to complete. These fellows listened to criticism of their design and responded to requests for changes. They searched for locally sourced materials. They navigated their way through our governmental bureaucracy to earn approval and, recently, to complete installation. 

The Living Peace Wall was built – literally – on individual prayers for peace written on papers placed in the concrete pedestal.  New wishes will be posted on the website where you can learn more about the project and make a donation towards its costs. 

Holiday Deadline Near

If you have a Sebastappeal news item for the December issue, send your material no later than October 30 to  This is an earlier-than-usual deadline, advanced due to the holiday season.