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Monte Rio Musings - October 2015 - Chuck Ramsey


Monte Rio Musings - October 2015 - Chuck Ramsey

Glad we had some badly needed rain recently. Why does it always seem the rains come a week after the worst fires? Kudos to Chief Baxman for once again making us proud. He is always there when people need him the most. On a somber note, Bert the bridge man, passed away last month. I never knew his name, but you always saw him standing on the bridge overlooking the river. He fell and apparently hit his head and went quickly. I hope he found peace gazing at the river each day, and that now he also is in a place of peace. We all share our limited time together here and no one really knows what each of us goes through on a daily basis. We take for granted what we have. We should be thinking of how fortunate we are to have our family, our friends, and to be able to live in this beautiful community of ours. We also need to reach out to others that may not be as fortunate. 

Once again the community was able to come together for another fun Supper Club. The next Supper Club is scheduled for Monday October 5th 6:30-9:00. Food provided by Green Grocer and music by Oddjob Ensemble.

On Friday October 23rd Sonoma County Pride will be having their first annual Pride Fundraiser Golf Tournament at Northwood. $75 includes green fees and dinner. Halloween attire is suggested, but not required. Similar to the Chamber’s Golf Tournament earlier in the year, you don’t need to be a real golfer, you don’t need to be LGBT, you just need to be able to have fun. Sign up at the Northwood Golf Club, Northwood Restaurant, or visit for more info.

On Saturday November 7th Monte Rio Chamber will host their 2015 High Rollin’ on the River Casino Night.  This annual event is always a fun night! Great food, full bar, and many great raffle prizes. Tickets are $100 per person and benefit the 2016 Monte Rio Fireworks events. Visit for tickets and more information. 

Dave Hardy should be back in the saddle resuming writing this column soon. I’ve enjoyed filling in for him. I have lived in many places, but none as unique as Monte Rio. It’s one quirky happy little hamlet, which just keeps getting better. I’m looking forward to attending a cool foggy Saturday morning yoga class with Kathleen Hardy soon. Namaste for now, and I hope you have a great October.