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Guerneville Groove - October 2015 - Beth Rudometkin


Guerneville Groove - October 2015 - Beth Rudometkin

by Beth Rudometkin

With this column, I try to stay pretty neutral, while keeping up a positive spirit within our community.  With all of the devastation that has affected us all, whether it be to a friend, co-worker, family member, or if your heart is just aching overall, we must all be thankful for the lives we have today and show our thanks to those who have helped keep us safe and continue to do so.  A HUGE shout out to our Firefighters, Volunteers, Utility Crews and donors!  It’s good to have friends and family around to cheer you up when you’re down. But in order to truly live in victory, that encouragement has to come from the inside.  When your mind is telling you it’s not worth it, when your circumstances seem difficult, deep down inside, your spirit has to have the resolve that says, “I refuse to settle where I am”.  There are so many places you can see the hand of God at work.  Thank Him for saving you today. Thank Him for the miracle of life!  Stir up that inner strength and encouragement!  As you do, you will rise higher and higher and live the life of victory!  We have such an amazing Community that has come together in this time of need and support….I am so proud to be a part of it.

Now…. on to other groovy Guerneville events! On October 3rd, please join the Russian River Historical Society for the Pioneer Cemetery Tour.  If you have never been to our cemetery, you need to attend this event!  Visit the absolutely gorgeous statues and hear the ancient history of our ancestors.    Also on October 3rd, the Russian River Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence are holding their annual fundraiser for their Grant & Scholarship fund.  It will be held at the groovy Pee Wee Golf from 5-8pm.  And if that’s not enough for the 3rd of October, another organization that gives back all year round, the Russian Riverkeeper is having its annual River Awards Gala at Shone Farms from 4-8pm.  There are so many auction items up for grabs!  Overnight stays at local resorts, spa treatments, dinners, guided fishing trips, gift baskets, Tahoe trips, and of course lots of wine!  Come support this groovy organization, who will be honoring and highlighting the people, businesses and farms that are leading the Russian River to a more climate resilient future!  Contact me at Community First Credit Union for tickets and more information. 707-869-9063 on the corner of Main Street and Armstrong Woods Rd.

A lot is going on at the Guerneville Regional Library this month!  Located at 14107 Armstrong Wood Rd, all programs are FREE!  Sat. October 10th at 11 am, there will be a Halloween Magic Show with Michael Della Penna, which is appropriate for all ages.  Tues October 27th at 11am is Preschool Story Time for ages 2-5; Sat October 24th is the Mine Craft Workshop for those students 6th – 9th grade; and for the Adults, Thurs October 8th will be a book discussion group on “One Summer” by Bill Bryson.  For more information on these and other events, phone the library at 707-869-9004 or better yet, when is the last time you visited your local, groovy library?

Don’t forget that the First Friday Artwalk is the first Friday of every month, throughout town.  Receptions will be held at various locations, so find a parking spot and walk, walk, walk, through your groovy town!  

River to Coast Children’s Services nurtures the healthy development of children and families.  The agency offers resources, referral, support and opportunities to child care providers and families in West Sonoma County.  On October 18th, RCCS will host its 10th Annual Enchanted Wine Country Evening at the Agriculture Public House at Dawn Ranch, beginning at 3pm.  The event will launch the 40th Anniversary celebration for this groovy agency!  For more information go to or phone 707-869-3613