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Geyserville Grapevine - October 2015 - deTraci Regula


Geyserville Grapevine - October 2015 - deTraci Regula

This fine fall month in Geyserville has brought many lessons. After recent events no one in the area needs to be reminded that we are in fire season in earnest. Here at Isis Oasis sanctuary we expanded the meaning of the "sanctuary" part of our name and opened our temple doors to offer lodging, clothing, and other support, spiritual and material, to evacuees from the fire which devastated the Middletown area. It was sobering to greet each new arrival, some of whom already knew that they had lost their homes, while others were still in limbo, not yet knowing what they had lost. A long time peer center, Harbin Hot Springs, was devastated by the fire and our involvement with the evacuees began when one of our people was on the phone with a group of Harbin volunteers there who were at that time stranded in the parking lot, wondering how they would be able to get out of the canyon. Many of them ended up driving out of the canyon with fires raging on both sides of the narrow road. Fortunately, all caught in that situation got out safely. We also provided space here at the Oasis for staging donations from Willits and other areas for fire evacuate and their animals. While Harbin Hot Springs will be rebuilt, and some cabins there did survive, in the meantime it's a distressing loss for the spiritual community in the area and we hope to offer whatever ongoing support we can to fire evacuees, especially those now displaced from Harbin. While we happily provided food for a fire refugees, we were also very grateful to receive a generous donation of many trays of food from Collision Cuisine in Sebastopol, where are husband and wife team of chefs provide both vegan and omnivorous selections. Thank You Collision Cuisine! 

While we were sheltering others, the raging fire led to some advisory evacuations in the far east of Geyserville and on Geyser Peak, where part of the PG&E geothermal generation plant was damaged and the workers evacuated. This also made us aware of  our own potential power situation and evacuation plans in general. While the Geyserville Protection District assured us that it would be highly unlikely that the fire would reach us, especially with them next door, it was a timely opportunity to go over and revise our own evacuation plans for both our selves and our many birds and animals. We have obtained additional and improved containers if we ever need to remove or animals from out of harm's way, and we've also beefed up our shelter in place plans. 

On brighter matters it's almost time for guys are bills annual Fall Colors festival which will once again begin with a pancake breakfast at the aforementioned Geyserville Fire Protection District station on Geyserville Avenue. Last year, the Fall Colors vintage car show had over 50 entries and it is expected that we will meet and exceed that number this year as the Fall Colors show takes its place on the map of car aficionado events in the region. There will also be an arts and crafts market place with food boots and fun for all. 

While the name of the above event might provide a clue, it's also that time of year to look at the vines and trees as they put on their own fall colors, though the vines got a head start on the change this year due to the drought. While redwoods and other fir trees are evergreen, there are many others in the area that are deciduous and their leaves are changing color prior to dropping off for the winter.

Just a reminder I'm always happy to promote local Geyserville businesses events and Friends. Just drop me an email at the address above and I will be happy to try and include your news.