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Cazadero Communications - October 2015


Cazadero Communications - October 2015

by Natasha Pehrson

It is a warm day here in the redwoods, and I have several windows open in my airy cyber-hut. The recent over 1" of rain was welcome and reminiscent of 'regular' precipitation!  We certainly have to be concerned as we are reminded of our extremely dry conditions by the dreadful Lake County and Butte fires!  Our hearts go out to those who lost their homes and  thanks to the many firefighters who quickly assembled to help put down the conflagrations!

The recent Cazadero Old Time BBQ was a big success, with over 400 coming to eat delicious BBQ, play games, participate in the great Pie Baking Contest, and winning one of the over 60 'Chinese Auction' raffle prizes(many thanks to all of the donors!)  Susan Moll tells me that the winner of the Best Fruit Pie was Heather Johnson, Best Cream Pie winner was Kristi Visse , Best All-Over Pie, Heather Johnson, who with her husband recently moved to Cazadero!  Many thanks to all Cazadero Community Club members and other volunteers for putting on this tremendous event! See you in 2017!  The next meeting of the Club will be on Tuesday, October 6th-7 p.m. at Firehall#1. Join your neighbors in planning terrific events which benefit the entire community!

Next up is the Annual Holiday Craft Fair - to be held on Saturday, November 14th, from 10-4 p.m. also at the Firehall. For vendor info, please call 632 5545.

Local sign painter Lenny Weinstein has completed the gorgeous redwood sign for the new Gerald  T.Parmeter Memorial Park which features a children's playground, tennis courts, basketball court, restrooms and picnic area with tables. This was funded by the Cazadero Community Services District, which oversees the use of our Cazadero Property Taxes.

Raymond's Bakery continues to offer its delicious baked goods and Friday Night Pizza and with live music. Both the Cazadero General Store and the Duncans Mills General Stores have a great assortment of daily groceries and many locally produced items.  

The students at the Montgomery Elementary School continue to have field trips and special school days. The Booster's Club would love to have you!

I wish Very Happy October birthdays to Darius Drexhage, turning 28 on the 5th, Matthew Tyson will be 25 on the 6th, Gary Tourady and Tony Landeros on the 7th, Kim Spliethot on the 8th, Josh Ritter on the 13th, which is also my very special _0th birthday!  Max Gradunov enjoys the 14th, Lacey Parmeter has her day on the 15th, Bud Baswell and Marilyn Buss share the 24th, Judy Mercieca celebrates on the 21st and Budi Luna on the 28th.

Enjoy Autumn, drive safely and call me at 632 5545 or email with info for your Cazadero Column!