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Bodega Bay Beat - October 2015

Bodega Bay Beat - October 2015
by Joan Poulos

This will be a short column. On Labor Day I tried to go to my friend John Hershey’s book signing. He and his friend Simone have put out a beautiful book. Apparently it went well ( I am told) but I took a fierce tumble down the hill and smashed my elbow on the railroad tie holding in the cascading chips. Once again Bodega Bay ‘s finest came to my rescue and whisked me yelling and whimpering to Sutter. Since it was a holiday, staff was sparse. The excellent doctor discovered that I needed steel plates inserted. No supplier would get them out on a holiday so I had a two and a half day wait for surgery (about a seven hour procedure, I am told)

I have been asked my impression of the new Sutter hospital. Since I am typing this with one finger, it will be brief. The facility is very nice, but will be even better when entirely finished. (The electrician was still working next to my room.) As with any new structure, the personnel changes/procedures take awhile. Most are really great nurses; some are pretty testy who could take some brush up training on public relations. In all it looks like a good addition to our community.

Change is always hard. As I have reported, my beloved Aussie, Pita (about whom I wrote my book, The Life and travels of a Law Office Dog), died. I was heartbroken and wouldn’t even consider another dog at first. After many good friends like Pat Paterson, went all out to find me a new dog, I should remember “ God will provide.My favorite vet, Michael Trapani and my friend, Barbara took in a rescue dog. The dog had been seriously abused and was sick as well as seriously injured. Barbara implored me to at least look at the puppy. I agreed. The puppy was obviously injured and also sick. When I walked up to the cage he lifted his head, and weakly wagged his tail.

When Dr. Mike called me and asked me to take the puppy I reminded him that I did not want a puppy. I wanted an Aussie and a small dog. In spite of all this, I remembered the spirit of the almost dead puppy and agreed to take him. We now have no shoes that have not been chewed; no unspotted carpets, and a rapidly-growing rescue dog of unknown heritage fixed securely in our hearts. We couldn’t agree on a name, so we put it to the neighborhood. My favorite foursome (the Collins) took on the project and reminded the puppy that he would not have lived without St. Francis’ intervention (thru Dr. Michael). I demurred at the suggestion of Francis for the little male puppy, but the translation of Francisco quickly became Cisco..and that’s it. The Whaleship neighborhood wins again.

Speaking of neighborhood, this is one of the best reasons to live in Bodega Bay. My next door neighbor called every day to see how she could help; there could NOT be a better neighbor than Joan Scoggins. Thanks to Isaac, Joshua, Danielle and Diego we have a lovely flower and great cookies. We have cookies from our newest neighbors, Theresa and Theo (who are the parents of beautiful twin babies) and we will never forget how important family is when we see all David’s daughter,Mari,or his sister Carol did for us.

We also appreciate all the prayers and good wishes of our church, Fisherman’s Chapel. We are a small but dedicated group of worshipers. When our long time member, Ruth Steffanou died her family came and we all gathered to share memories and to wish Ruth, a good Christian woman, Godspeed. She said she wasGoing Home.

We are sad to lose our beloved minister, Michael Vossler, who is retiring for health reasons, but our other fine Minister, Kathy Cramer will carry on. We hope to find another minister to help her.

Preserve neighborhoods - With my recent commitment to neighborhoods, we MUST tell the County about our commitment to preserve neighborhoods. This becomes relevant when the occupancy issues are examined (no weekend visitor thru AirBNB or other plan will reach out to neighbors who they don’t know, or shop or care for those who share only physical proximity.)

Which leads us into the position of Neighbors to Preserve Rural Sonoma County. (PRSC). We live in a special place and we are concerned about the protection of the General Plan. The Coast needs its own protection provisions not just those designed for inland areas (wineries, etc.) These are inadequate to protect the Coast. For more data, go to the web site of PRSC, Contact your Supervisor and the Coastal Commission to protest the draft LCP. Contact Rueben Weinzveg to get more information . (

Fall is here; the fires are contained and we actually had a little rain. Even the ATM at the Grange is working.

Life is good. Reach out to YOUR neighbor. Bodega Bay is a special place to live.