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Cotati Heart & Soul - Deborah Taylor-French - October 2015


Cotati Heart & Soul - October 2015

by Deborah Taylor-French

“Flowers always make people better, and more helpful; they are sunshine, food and medicine for the soul.” Luther Burbank

After attending the 6th annual National Heirloom Expo, we came away feeling hopeful and more determined to grow flowers, vegetables and fruit year-round. Of the speakers, we listened to Jennifer Harris. …”scientists have discovered that so much of our mental and physical health relies on the diversity of our gut bacteria, we now know it is essential to incorporate fermented foods into our daily diet. Don’t break the bank at the grocery store: ferment organic, seasonal and local foods at home for optimal wellness and improved immunity.” Join Harris and local organic home fermentation fans by attending a free monthly meeting or two at a Sebastopol Grange. 

Keynote speaker, Dr. Vandana Shiva, received a standing ovation on opening night. Her leadership and support of India’s small farmers against GMO and corporate seed control continue. As a scientist, Dr. Shiva confronts and disputes The Bill Gates Foundation, Monsanto and petrochemical dependent agriculture. Through her example of lifelong activism, she encourages all to grow their own food and save heirloom seeds. Dr. Shiva concluded the evening by saying, “Don’t let corporations reduce you to mere consumers. You are creators! By growing food, you help all life thrive. That’s who you are, creators.” 

Stones Throw One Year Anniversary Saturday on October 3 from 6pm-8pm

Open House & Artist Reception for Art Trails Mini-Preview We are looking forward to meeting more Art Trails Artists and viewing their works. Last year we took a day to visit local studios.

Celebrate Stones Throw Gift Gallery one-year anniversary. Meet store artists, plus some artists in Art Trails Open Studios 2015. The Art Trails preview features one work from 10 different Art Trails Artists. This show and sale ends November 1st. Stones Throw sells Crystals, Cards, Jewelry, Ceramics, Candles, Toys, Body Care, Art, Crafts, Home Décor, & more. Located at 15 Charles Street, Cotati. 707-242-6634,

9th Annual Cotati October-fest celebrating life’s bounty on October 10th

“Over 1000 people enjoyed last years event. The fest sold out of the 2014 souvenir beer mugs.”

Want to celebrate local beer and food? Come to the Cotati Oktoberfest presented in La Plaza Park by the Cotati Chamber of Commerce and sponsored by Lagunitas Brewing Co., Cotati Food Service, Exchange Bank, The Rental Place, Friar Tuck’s Pub, Redwood Empire Disposal and Spancky’s Bar. Phone 707.795.5508 or email for more information or an entry form for the Wiener Dog Races.

Quoting from a review on Yelp by Natalye “California” R. “…an American take on a long-standing German traditional celebration…one can't help but admire at how well a place as small as Cotati does Oktoberfest. An authentically dressed the Karl Lebherz Band played plenty of German tunes and didn't hesitate to include such non-German standards at the Funky Chicken Dance and the Hokey Pokey either. Sally Tomatoes catered with lots of meat and potato salad (and other non-vegan-y foods I unfortunately couldn't try), and there was also a table with pretzels! Lagunitas served four or five varieties of beer (including an Oktoberfest Ale) and there was root beer on hand for those who aren't of age. Additionally, there were plenty of competitions: the beer stein race, the wiener dog race, costume competitions and more. I arrived expecting to have a pretty good time, and left having had an ausgezeichnet time. So props to the Cotati Chamber of Commerce for putting together a great, fun-filled, German-influenced day.”

Songbird Saturday October 24 from 1PM to 4PM 

An opportunity to meet the Songbird Community, plus enjoy free educational talks by practitioners at 1:30PM, 2:30PM and 3:30PM. You also may sample classes and healing modalities by paying either $20 for three, $15 for two or $10 for one. Tour and learn about using their cost-effective space. See website for class schedules and more.

Please email all event, news and suggestions to me on or before the 5th of each month. Thanks.