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Rio Nido Magic - September 2015


Rio Nido Magic - September 2015

by Elena Chronis

National Night Out

Tuesday, August 4th was National Night Out all over the country. The premise of this yearly gathering is to get the community together over a span of 2-3 hours to discuss what is happening in their backyard so to say. The turnout this year was impressive to say the least. The Friends of Rio Nido (FRN) hosted the event. A big thank you goes out to all the Board members for supplying the food and beverages. Cheeseburgers, hot dogs, a myriad of salads, appetizers and beverages were provided. Our local Sheriffs Department as well as their volunteers were all gathered around the crowd answering questions and providing information to all who were interested in engaging with them. The local Firefighters were also in attendance discussing fire concerns and general concerns expressed about legal and non legal burns, etc. It was a fun time for adults and children. It feels great to know that this tiny community is being taken care of. If you haven’t yet attended once of these events, you are really missing out. Be sure to go next year. Looking forward to next year’s festivities already.

Rio Nido HOA Labor Day Picnic

The last summertime picnic hosted by the RNHOA is scheduled for September 6th. It is the last of the season, so mark your calendars and be sure to attend. This is the chicken bbq. It has been such an eventful summer thanks to the RNHOA and is a bit sad that it is coming to an end. Last months pancake breakfast was a wild success. Waking up in the morning and taking our morning stroll through the hood while smelling the sweet aroma of pancakes, sausages and coffee made us work up an appetite. Not to mention our doggies too. Boy were they upset they weren’t invited (WINK, WINK!). The Rio Nido Art show followed immediately afterwards and was a fun time. Many talented local artists displayed all their beautiful paintings, sculptures and jewelry. We sure have a lot of talent here in this little town. In case anyone asks, our beloved Winky Moon will be taken down soon so as not to get damaged in the upcoming winter. Winky Moon will make his next appearance in summer of 2016 perhaps sooner depending on weather. I know I have said this before, but lets all give a big round of applause to the Rio Nido Homeowners Association for providing us with so much summertime fun and revamping Pee Wee Mini golf. A big thanks to all the wonderful volunteers bringing Pee Wee Mini Golf back to life, managing it so well and providing so many smiles to all the little kiddos. Till next year...

To El Nino or Not?

El Nino – is it for real? Commiserating at the RN Dog Park on a warm, bright and lackadaisical afternoon with my neighbors and all of our pooches, everyone had a different opinion about it. The experts are saying it is well on its way. According to the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOLA), El Nino has an 80 percent chance of lasting into early Spring of 2016. Reports are saying there is a greater than 90 percent chance of El Nino lasting through this upcoming winter. El Nino is an anomalous, yet periodic warming of the central and eastern equatorial pacific ocean. For reasons, still not understood, every 2-7 years this patch of ocean warms for 6-18 months. Be sure to rake up all your garden leaves and needles and heavily mulch to hold in the moisture that you have and if we are fortunate and it rains the mulch will leech nutrients into your soil for a healthy garden.

Pet of the Month

Olive is a Yorkie Maltese mix who is almost 4 years old. She is very protective of her owners and sister Jasmine who could care less about her. Olive is a social butterfly who loves talking to people. She has lived in RN since she was around 8 weeks old. Fellow playmates of Olive need to know she is a major bone thief. She is often in the middle of the living room lying on top or a pile of half chewed bones. Olive is constantly getting into mischief and keeps her mother on her toes. If she is not at the office with her mom, she can be found on the deck just waiting for her chance to escape for a mad dash to the dog park. Although Olive has something continuously to say, often confusing herself as a big dog, once she gets to the dog park she is easily frightened and has to go home. Olive enjoys walks and loves to people watch. She is not much of a lap dog like her sister Jasmine, but will come up for the occasional petting. Residents should be on guard as she is a pro with losing her collar but rest assured she is micro chipped. She has a very healthy appetite and can very easily eat you out of house and home.