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Geyserville Grapevine - September 2015


Geyserville Grapevine - September 2015

A sudden change in weather after intensely hot days in mid-August is reminding us that “Winter is Coming”. While we still have some mild fall days ahead, the rumor is that this winter will be wet and wild and may bring an end to the drought. Here at the Isis Oasis Sanctuary we are making preparations, making plans for getting our trees trimmed, including our Great Tree, (thanks, Fine Tree Care!) and laying in a stock of sand and sandbags, and doing some other repairs to our enclosures and turn-of-the-last-century buildings. But in case the winter is not that wet and wild, we are relying on our well on the property to water our permaculture garden. The water it produces is high in iron content, which to my mystical eye reminds me of the red spring at another spiritual center far away at Glastonbury Tor in England, a place which is also steeped in the legends of King Arthur and the knights of the round table. Each year the Tor hosts a goddess festival and many other spiritual events, which some of us here have attended in the past. While we can’t hope for our well to ever be as popular and renowned, it’s a reminder of the sacredness to be found in everyday things and of a time when anything unusual, such as the color of a well’s water, was seen as something divine and magical.

Returning to more practical matters, September is a busy time here in the Alexander Valley wine country. Due to the drought, it seems like the season is compressed and the harvest is coming earlier. Already I see the increase in vineyard trucks rumbling by on Geyserville Avenue. If anyone is wondering whether we are “authentic” wine country here, I invite them to count the number of tractors, gondola trucks and other farm vehicles traveling on Geyserville Avenue. They often outnumber the cars and SUVs! Sometimes in the middle of the night I’ll hear them rumbling along as they go from vineyard to vineyard with their headlights illuminating the road - which reminds me of our “official” Illuminated Tractor Parade which will occur in November.

It’s been a busy month for businesses in Geyserville. Route 128 celebrated its new tasting room, Bosworth’s General Store served as a location in the movie “For What It’s Worth” shot here, and the Stitchery expanded. 

This month, the Geyserville Lodging Association is also hosting a number of journalists to introduce them to the joys of Geyserville. We will be hosting a pair of them overnight here at the Isis Oasis Sanctuary, and others will be staying at the Alexander Valley Inn, Hope Merrill House, and the Geyserville Inn. While here, the members of the Geyserville Lodging Association will be introducing the writers to our local restaurants, shops, wineries, and many of the other activities in the area. 

In mid-September, Geyserville’s own Russian River Atelier is hosting a two-day portrait painting workshop with master painter Virgil Elliott. This advanced workshop is designed for experienced art students and there is a $300 tuition fee. The Russian River Atelier is located at 21001 Geyserville Avenue near the Pech Merle wine tasting room. More information is available at their website at http://www.russianriveratelier or from Linda Schroeter at 707-484-3533.

Foodie Moment of the Month 

One experience I had been promising myself was to stop in Jimtown to try out the cuisine at the Jimtown Store there. While technically not in Geyserville, claimed by Healdsburg, it’s about as close a neighbor as we can get and I was happy when my travels back to Geyserville from smoke-filled Middletown gave me a reason to stop there at lunchtime. I was charmed by my lunch choice, the chicken pie. The puff pastry is baked in a mold, so there is the dimensional outline of a chicken on top of the chicken pie. This came with a fresh salad, all for $12. I also enjoyed browsing the old-fashioned candy selection and the nice selection of giftware and souvenirs. The Jimtown Store is open for breakfast and lunch and also provides box lunches. It’s located at 6706 Highway 128.