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Graton’s Atelier One Artists’ Studios - Behind Closed Doors


Graton’s Atelier One Artists’ Studios

Behind Closed Doors

Above: In the Flesh of Trees by Claude Smith

By Maureen Lomasney

West Sonoma County’s historic Atelier One building and artists domain in the charming town of Graton invites the public to step Behind Closed Doorsduring a rare Open Studios event on Saturday and Sunday, September 26-27, 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. both days. Fifteen studios on two floors will host a range of activities and lively conversation. Artists will be present to show and share work that is valued by collectors and clients, to discuss concepts and activities that inspire new explorations, and to share unique innovations that have drawn print and broadcast media to their doors. Atelier One is located at 2860 Bowen St., west of Hwy 116 and south of Graton Rd. The event is free.

This year’s participants and supporters include Lisa Beerntsen, Robert Breyer, Cindy Cleary, Trina Ius CMT, Viki Ius CMT, Britta Kathmeyer, J. Lamont Langworthy, Monty Monty, Elizabeth Peyton, Robert Poplack, Claude Smith, Judson King Smith, Christiane M. Vincent, Becky Wells and Maureen Lomasney’s Art Honors Life Projects at FUNERIA

Popular accordionist, composer and recording artist Roxanne Oliva and friend will rove through hallways, ushering visitors towards studios that are inviting entry with enticing refreshments along with visual ones.

One of Sonoma County’s most prolific and admired assemblage artists, Monty Monty, will share the secrets of his technique in creating large complex sculptures without using adhesives or welding. Monty invites visitors to bring a nickel and receive a 5-cent token souvenir. Informal demos will be offered each day and all ages are welcome

Botanical artist, Elizabeth Peyton, invites visitors of all ages to discover the hidden potential in the tools and materials she uses to create beautiful and precise botanical drawings with colored pencils. Peyton will show, and visitors can explore, how the variety of pencil types can be applied to a broad range of papers, film and to any subject or interpretation.

Cindy Cleary and Claude Smith are hosting a surefire lively conversation that explores Process over Product in their art making, while Maureen Lomasney’s Art Honors Life Projects at FUNERIA is offering a similarly provocative set of perspectives but through a very different narrative.

In the midst of pedestals displaying original urns made by more than 40 artists working in bronze and steel, ceramics and glass, wood and marble that have drawn major media attention to Graton and, since 2001, developed a new marketplace in fine craft and design for artists and families that need their work, Lomasney is growing an urn from low-value ground agricultural waste mixed with mycelium (the binding agent) that is home-compostable within 60 days. Invented by an award-winning young company in Upstate New York, the material aims to replace Polystyrene foam (Styrofoam) with naturally derived bio-materials For further information about Behind Closed Doors Open Studios at Atelier One, visit