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Kathleen McCallum: Artist and Advocate


Kathleen McCallum: Artist and Advocate

By Linda Caldwell

Kathleen McCallum is a different kind of artist. For over thirty years, she has taken photographs that capture the essence, emotionality and soul of her subjects. Much of her artwork focuses on women. “I am a woman and I think women should be photographed, painted and sculpted to celebrate all of the intriguing mysteries and layers they possess. Art can reflect more than what’s on the surface. It’s about art. We are all a work of art.”

Kathleen-MacCallumKathleen is an incredibly driven woman who works tirelessly to keep art alive in so many ways. She is a one woman show of many talents; from being the former owner of two local galleries, accomplished art representative, promoter, former art teacher and event coordinator.

McCallum received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in photography and sculpture, and later worked on her masters in art therapy courses at Sonoma State. 

She loves promoting the arts and artists in particular. “Give me a good cause, and I’m your girl. I’ll be on the front line leading the charge,” McCallum says.

McCallum has fought for a variety of social causes in her life and has even worked as a union organizer. But her overriding passion seems to have been advocating for the arts. McCallum told me about meeting Morgan Freeman and Dana Gioia asking them to help create a public service announcement to educate parents about the importance of art education.” Parents are the ones who can pull their kids from schools that cut the arts. By placing them in schools that have art programs, the parents financially impact schools that cut the arts. The connections are still there. I need more art ambassadors to help”, says McCallum.

These days, McCallum continues to wear many hats being an artist, promoting Sonoma County artists and working as an art consultant. McCallum emphasizes, “Art is a crucial part of our culture and our communities and completes us on our journey to becoming whole human beings. This is art and wine country I want to see artists flourish so they can stay here and add color to our beautiful world. That’s what makes me tick.”

Kathleen sees other artists as being a member of her team. Her philosophy is, “United We Stand”. A true entrepreneur, and creative thinker, she is not only appreciated by the many artists she has represented and worked with over the years but by many who attended her festivals, galleries and classrooms. She continues to show our community how important it is to keep art alive in our ever changing world.