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Attendance at Funky Fridays' Concerts Capped by State Park Officials


Attendance at Funky Fridays' Concerts
Capped by State Park Officials

By Bill Myers

 Attendance at Funky Fridays, the popular summer concert series at Sugarloaf Ridge State Park in Kenwood, has recently been capped at less than a third of past attendance figures. This unexpected action by the park has resulted in hundreds of unhappy people being turned away since July 24.  As a consequence, the park is currently facing income loss as well as public outrage.  Major front page investigative stories about the situation have recently been published in both the Santa Rosa Press Democrat and Kenwood Press.

Support for the park fundraiser has been remarkable during the past three summers, with attendance exceeding 400 people several times prior to the cap.  Even with over 500 people at the July 3 concert, there was adequate parking and amphitheater space with no harm to the park.  Park officials have been asked to immediately lift the attendance cap so the 2015 season can be completed with capacity attendance.  “The park owes it to all the people who have supported this fundraiser the past three years” according to unpaid event coordinators Linda Pavlak and Bill Myers.  “The park is in the process of losing $25,000 of revenue this season due to the cap, plus losing park volunteer motivation.”

Many people have been introduced to Sugarloaf Ridge State Park for the first time through Funky Fridays, and it’s unfortunate that progress has now been stalled because of the cap.  The investigative stories can be found at The Press Democrat and the Kenwood Press. The public is encouraged to contact their elected representatives and state park officials to express their concern.