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Rohnert Park meeting focuses on water and development


Rohnert Park meeting
focuses on water and development

On Thursday August 20th, the Rohnert Park City Council will meet to hear updates on the city's water conservation program. Citizens are planning to address current development projects during the public comment period.

The City Council meeting will beigin at 3:30 pm and OPEN with the Publc Comment period. Subjects may be introduced to the chairperson. 

The current agenda is:


2 - Drought Reporting UPDATE

3 - Water Conservation Program UPDATE

4 - North Coast Resource Partnership UPDATE

5 - Groundwater Sustainability UPDATE

6 - Sonoma County Water Agency UPDATE

7 - Rohnert Park Staff UPDATE

The next meeting is scheduled for October 15th at 3:30 pm

All meetings are held at Rohnert Park City Hall, 130 Avram Avenue