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Rio Nido Magic - July 2015


Rio Nido Magic - July 2015

by Elena Chronis

Friends of Rio Nido (FRN) Election Results

Two FRN Board seats have been filled. The Ballot Committee consisting of Barbara Fatemi, Steve Gladfelter and Elena Chronis have tallied up the votes.

Two new Board members have been sworn in. The new members are, “Drum Roll” please... Ingrid Emming and Pip Marquez De La Plata. Ingrid has lived in RN for ten years and has participated in numerous FRN events and has contributed many hours to FRN. Pip comes to the Board with twenty years of marketing experience. Pip also designed our new “dog curbing” signs and put interesting and forward thinking captions on them. Signs can be ordered by emailing Let’s give them both a big round of applause...Welcome!

Rio Nido HomeOwner’s Events, etc.

Sunday, June 14th was a scrumptious morning. The HOA hosted their pancake breakfast. The aroma of pancakes, sausage and coffee filled the air and brought out atleast 100 people. WOW! What a sweet way to start your morning. It was fun to see sooo many Rio Nidans enjoying themselves, shooting the breeze and socializing. I look forward to these breakfasts every year and have a wonderful time visiting with all our wonderful neighbors. It is such a warm and inviting way to start your Sunday morning.

Mark your calendars for the July 4th Independence Day Hamburger BBQ and of course not to forget the 11th Annual RN Art and Crafts Festival on Sunday, August 2nd from 10am -2pm in the HOA park area. Admission is free. The HOA is hosting another pancake breakfast on August 2nd from 9am-12noon. Dont forget the HOA Annual Golf Tournament on Saturday, August 1st at the Northwood Golf Course. Call 707-865-1116 for details.

Has anyone noticed the new “Winky Moon” adorning the HOA grounds? Winky has had a makeover and is lit up at night and is winking again. Thank you to all involved in making this a reality. Ahhh... RN, such an amazing place to reside. Pinch me, am I dreaming?!

Leaning Tree on Rio Nido Road

Did anyone notice a gigantic redwood tree leaning across Rio Nido Road? It was pretty scary. We can all remember the large redwood that came crashing down and taking out a house on RN Road 2-3 years ago. Well, unfortunately, that tree destroyed a home, and luckily the home was vacant at the time. The home is currently being rebuilt and is actually right next door to the leaning redwood. PG&E and a tree cutting service came and removed the leaning tree one week ago. Good work. Now that was a disaster waiting to happen. Crisis averted. A big thanks to all those involved in making our neighborhood safe.

Pet of the Month

How does a neglected pitbull from an undesirable and scary abandoned building end up in Rio Nido? I was subjected to gun shots, filthy living conditions and malnutrition. One day I decided to take a walk to break free and look around town. I met a nice lady with a child. I made the decision to stay with these nice people and be the sweetest and gentle dog that I am. I guess you can consider me a “Shar-pit”. I have Sharpei wrinkles on my big Pitbull head. Seriously, who could ask for more? This is why I am named “Mush!” Once someone meets me all they want to do is mush my face. I can tell you, no other gal looks this good with so many wrinkles. What else can I tell you about me? I love to have my behind scratched and wag my tail at every opportunity. I always try and have a tennis ball or fire hose toy in my mouth in case of an emergency. I am scared of stairs and of the dark but am working on overcoming my fears. I have two sets of siblings. One is human and the other canine. Both make too much noise and disturb my peace. I’ve learned how to swim in RN and have never seen a river. I am a very happy dog indeed.