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Roseland Review - September 2015


Roseland Review - September 2015

by Duane De Witt

Renewal in Roseland?

BIG Shout Out for the Roseland Fire Station Crew on duty on July 14th who put out a fire at a campsite in the Roseland Neighbor Wood near Roseland Creek. The 3 man crew was able to reach the fire in time to stop it from spreading up into the forest canopy and starting a major fire in the whole Neighbor Wood which could have spread to nearby houses. Another Shout Out to the West Side Crew of the Recreation and Parks Department grounds maintenance crews. On Friday morning August 7 a four man crew came into the Neighbor Wood and cleared out four separate campsites from the very vulnerable tinder dry woodland. Many neighbors are keeping a wary eye upon the Neighbor Wood near Roseland Creek because of the very high fire danger.

Next month the Sonoma County Community Development Department is opening up their “Satellite” building in the Roseland Village at the site of the Dollar Tree Store. The county is going to allow the community to use the old Furniture 2000 Store as a place for not just community space but also a small temporary branch of the Sonoma County Library. The Free “Book Mobile” which has been such a hit in the west County and the Roseland areas will still be visiting the Roseland areas also. There is discussion about how there may be Zumba classes and other activities allowed in the County facility now the doors will be opened to the public.

Some roads in Roseland are getting repaved after the city of Santa Rosa has been doing repair work in the McMinn Ave. and Delport Ave. neighborhoods of Roseland. There are also repairs occuring along Sebastopol Rd. at the Olive Street end of the eastern portion of Sebastopol Road. The widening of Stony Pt. Road will be beginning soon now much of the demolition of the 18 housing units on the east side of the Rd. between Sebastopol Rd. and Hearn Ave. has been completed along with preparatory work finished. There will soon be another project coming to the eastern side of Roseland as the SMART rail has made an agreement with the Sonoma County Regional Parks Department to put in a pathway along the rail line between Hearn Ave. and Sebastopol Rd.

The County will actually take care of the design, planning, and construction of the pathway along an area that had a high number of homeless encampments and trash dumps in the past. These various roadway and pathway projects are making for a nicer neighborhood connectivity and more pleasant drives through the spots getting the repairs in their area. As the ongoing city Roseland Specific Plan effort goes forward perhaps more attention will now be paid the Roseland Creek Greenway? Some folks are calling this the Southwest Greenway in hopes it will be able to connect in the future with the Southeast Greenway on the other side of town. Yes this is a big dream now but it can be a reality in the future.

It has been over a decade since the city funded a Roseland Creek Concept Plan outlining how a park and Greenway could be built in the future in Roseland. Since the same time a Burbank Ave. Design Guidelines was also drawn up so there are great hopes for a better Roseland in the future with an eye towards saving nature and also preparing for more residents moving into the area in the not too distant future. Roseland School District is working on putting in another set of buildings for its’ “Booming” school system. Waiting lines for places in the schools and droves of students back in classes now school has started.

Roseland Review asks you to please be careful drivers and watch out for the school students walking to school on the streets of Roseland. Also the need to be very wary about the danger of fires is especially important during this very dry August and September. Rains my come in the fall but it is especially important to have “Fire defensible space” around your homes in Roseland and the previous fires in the Neighbor Wood have shown. They can start and spread quickly so all the residents and visitors into Roseland need to be especially vigilant and on guard to help to preserve the beauty and safety of Roseland.