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Springs Splash - Thomas Martin - August 2015


Springs Splash - August 2015

by Tom Martin

Omar Homran, new manager of the Fruit Basket, provides fresh fruit and vegetables to residents of the Springs and Sonoma at low cost. Homran buys locally grown produce in season such as tomatoes, basil, and fruit. For other products he travels to San Francisco and Oakland markets 2-3 times per week. “Our goal,” says Homran, “is to provide the freshest produce available to our Springs customers. As a family owned and operated business we guarantee the quality of our products. Please shop here!”

Omar, together with his brothers, Joewad and Kaleil (“Tony”) Homran, leases the open air store on Highway 12 across from the La Michoacana Ice Cream Parlor and Plain Jane’s consignment store. Joewad Homran manages the Fruit Basket store at 24101 Arnold Drive. Cousins and friends manage the Hayward store. 

When asked his opinion of the bright facades across the highway, Omar said he likes them. In fact, he has spoken with artist Rico Martin and would like to upgrade the Fruit Basket facade. However, he’s not certain the owner of the building from whom he leases would do that. 

The Homran Brothers purchased the Fruit Basket businesses from brothers Gus and Marco Dalakarias this past year. Marco Dalakarias still works at the Springs store. Customers are welcomed daily with his broad smile and “Hallo!” Luisa Diaz has worked at the checkout counter for three years. She always engages customers and provides helpful answers to their questions. Maria Alcaros, currently on leave, helps customers with friendly smiles and good humor.

The Homran brothers grew up in the east bay. They graduated from San Leandro High School. Their parents emigrated from Yemen forty years ago. The parents owned a grocery store where the brothers learned the retail business. Omar returned from a visit to Yemen in January after visiting his family that includes his wife and five children. He is working to obtain entry for them to the United States. Tony is currently visiting family in Yemen. 

Going shopping? – Say hello to the Homran Brothers!

Mariko Yamada Seeking Senate Seat Representing Sonoma! 

The Springs’ former Assemblywoman Mariko Yamada has announced her candidacy for Senate District 3. When in the Assembly Ms.Yamada was a frequent visitor to the Springs and local organizations. She is endorsed by Cong. John Garamendi.

Assemblyman Announces For State Senate Seat!

Bill Dodd, Assemblyman for District 4, announced today he is a candidate for State Senate (District 3) next year. Dodd has served only 18 months in the Assembly, but is pulling up stakes in a quest for the Senate seat that represents the City of Sonoma, but not the Springs. He will compete with Mariko Yamada for that position. 

Over an 18-month tenure we seldom heard from Assemblyman Dodd on matters related to the Springs. In fairness, he has attended some meetings regarding the threat of closure of the Sonoma Developmental Center. Dodd says Cong. Mike Thompson and Sen. Lois Wolk have endorsed him.

Musical Chairs for Dodd & Dan Wolk 

The Davis Vanguard reported (7/8/15) that when Bill Dodd announces his candidacy for Senate District 3, Mayor Dan Wolk of Davis will announce for Assembly District 4. Wolk was a candidate in 2014, but lost out to Bill Dodd and Charles Schaupp. If elected, let’s hope Wolk visits more often than Dodd did. 

S.F. Chronicle (7/16/15) Reported Assemblyman Bill Dodd (Springs’ Rep) “Walked” From Committee Vote On Important Consumer Safety Bill (SB465) – The Bill Failed For Lack Of Majority By One Vote!

Eight votes were needed to pass a bill from an Assembly Committee. It failed by one vote of passing (7-3). The bill would require contractors to disclose past felonies or lawsuits alleging negligence, defects, or fraud to the Contractors State License Board. Assemblyman Bill Dodd and Healdsburg Assemblyman Jim Wood left the Committee room and didn’t vote! The bill was introduced after a balcony collapsed in Berkeley two months ago killing six young people. There was no reporting process for contractors in place at the time.