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Occidental Oriented - August 2015


Occidental Oriented - August 2015

As odd as it seems, summer is in the final push. There are only a few more days of work, and then it is off to Georgia for an economics seminar, and then I have a few days of rest before I leave for a two-week language emersion program in Spain. After that, school starts up again—literally two days after I get home from Spain. This summer has been full of good times and laughter, and I am fully prepared to spend the remaining weeks finding the fun in everything from work to sleep and all the moments in between. Incidentally, I have learned that no matter how old you are, swings are fun. Seemingly, Occidental Tow agrees with me, because behind the infamous Big Foot statue, there is a new playground called, fittingly, Big Foot Land. There are tall swings, a twirly-whirly merry-go-round, some painted tires, a drinking fountain, a picnic table, and a slide. It’s pleasantly shady and easily accessible, it being right at the end of the old road. It’s a nice way to end a leisurely stroll home from town, one with stops to pick the wild sweet pea flowers, ripening blackberries, and to rest on the benches also brought to us by Occidental Tow. 

If Big Foot Land isn’t thrilling enough for you, you can swing by Sonoma Canopy Tours at Alliance Redwoods. They have a two-and-a-half-hour zipline course, open year round. The course features multiple ziplines and skybridges with panoramic forest views for you to enjoy while you soar over deep ravines and magnificent redwoods. This summer, there are newly added Nights Flights that you can take. These tours take place under the stars and are now open for action. There is also going to be an Extreme Course in coming sometime in August. Reserve your spot at

If you want to enjoy the summer night sky in a less heart-pounding way, on August 12th and 13th, after dark, find your way to an open space and watch the Perseids Meteor Shower at their peak. The showers are happening all of August, but these are the nights where you will see the most spectacular shows. Try heading up Coleman Valley Road, Morelli Lane, or Stoelz Lane by the old dump. Pack a something warm to drink and enjoy a cheap night of entertainment. 

Of course, the Market is up, running, and partying. There are, as always, hoards of people crowding around booths, eating paella or Indian food, buying fresh vegetables and flowers. The scene is as lovely and picturesque as we’ve all come to expect, and none of the previous problems seem to be giving it much trouble at all. As they say, all’s well that ends well. 

If you’ve had too much fun, and need some help, try going to The Redwood Needle for some acupuncture. They are located in Harmony Village at 3840 Doris Murphy Court. The owner, Tessa, is a lovely lady who is very talented and friendly. She hosts a Community Acupuncture Clinic on Tuesdays from nine to noon and on Thursdays from three to six in the afternoon. She offers a sliding scale from twenty to forty dollars. My dad says she’s great. 

Enjoy the rest of your summer!