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Food For Thought Antiques: Need an Estate Sale?


Food For Thought Antiques:
Need an Estate Sale? 

What is an estate sale?

An “estate sale” refers to liquidating the entire contents of a property. The reason for an estate sale can be a stressful event such as divorce, illness, financial stress, the changing needs of an aging parent or the death of a loved one, or it can be a planned downsizing or relocation. Unlike a yard sale, an estate sale typically takes place in the home and usually includes the full range of home furnishings.

What Food For Thought Antiques offers

Food For Thought Antiques can help you with the important yet overwhelming task of liquidating your estate. We will meet with you for a free consultation to discuss and schedule your sale, and our team of professionals will work with you to make your sale as stress free and successful as possible.

We provide all of the resources needed to sell the contents of a home. We start about four days before the sale by organizing all the items. We then price them and set up displays to create the best presentation.  Our extensive experience in the antiques, collectibles, and estate sale market enables us to appropriately value all of your belongings, from tools and kitchen gadgets to valuable antiques, furnishings and artwork.

The sale is typically a 2-day event. We provide all the staff and volunteers, do all the bookkeeping, charge and track sales tax, and take credit cards. The goal of Food For Thought Antiques is to provide the best possible services to our clients as well as our buyers.

Our services

Sort and organize contents of the home

Research the value and price all items

Set up appealing displays

Advertise the sale in local newspapers and online

Staff and conduct the sale

Do all the bookkeeping

Take valuable unsold items to our store to sell on consignment

Organize remaining unsold items for easy dispersal

Why choose Food For Thought Antiques for your sale?

We can help you maximize the potential income from your sale. Unlike most estate sale companies, Food For Thought Antiques operates a retail store where we will take valuable unsold items to sell on consignment.

You are supporting a good cause when you choose us. All of Food For Thought Antiques’ proceeds from the sale benefit Food For Thought, Sonoma County HIV/AIDS Food Bank. The food bank has served Sonoma County for more thart 20 years, providing free groceries to help meet the nutritional needs of people living with HIV/AIDS.

Call us

We would be pleased to go over the estate sale process in more detail with you. You may contact us through our website or call Food For Thought Antiques at 707-823-3101.

Attend our sales

Contact us for information about upcoming sales. We can put you on our email list to notify you of sales as we schedule them.