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Facebook Fido: Hot dogs are NOT Cool!


Facebook Fido: Hot dogs are NOT Cool!

According to the Petaluma Animal Services Foundation, a dog will suffer serious health problems in just 10 minutes in a hot car.  Cars are like ovens to dogs.  Even on a cloudy day at 75 degrees, the car heats up way too hot for dogs. Leaving the windows down a few inches does almost nothing to cool the car, and your powerless waiting companion is at great risk.

BTW dogs do not sweat, so they can’t cool themselves in a hot car.  Their body temperatures rise rapidly like some one in a plastic suit.  When heating up, dogs naturally begin to panic, get heat stroke, liver failure, and in a very short amount of time die. Best to leave your animal home rather than leave them in the car. As the Animal foundation says, a good motto is “Hot dogs are NOT cool”.  

Fido Updates his Status: I am home under a cool tree with a bowl of water  and sometimes I am inside by a fan with a big bowl of water just chilling while my friend does our errands.

BTW When its 86-degrees outside, the asphalt can reach a sizzling 135 degrees. This is too hot for a canine’s sensitive foot pads, hot enough to cause burns, permanent damage and scarring after just one minute of contact. Test asphalt with back of your hand first, or walk in early morning or late evening.  

—Much appreciated, Facebook Fido