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Wanted: Bird Houses - Sonoma at the Barracks EVENT


Wanted: Bird Houses

By Tom Rusert

Artists, architects, students and builders of all kinds are invited to build bird houses to be featured at an event in downtown Sonoma at the Barracks on September 20th at the 4th annual Wine Country Optics and Nature Festival, presented by Sonoma Birding and partnering this year with California State Parks. Formerly at Cornerstone, this nature celebration will again attract hundreds of nature enthusiasts including birders, cyclists and the hiker community from Northern California.

Hand-made Bird HousesThe bird houses will be presented in a silent auction primarily as a benefit for Sonoma Birding. Winner of the John Muir Award, the organization is celebrating ten years as a nature non-profit based in the valley. The theme is “Celebrate Sonoma’s Good Nature” Scouts and schools are encouraged to participate. A portion of the proceeds go to the builder. 

Sonoma Birding, working with local middle and elementary schools for a decade, has created a Plaza Tree and Bird Tour Map, established the annual Arbor Day Celebration and Audubon Christmas Bird Count, the Christmas Bird Count for Kids, “SV Birding Hot Spots” several bird checklists including Quarryhill Botanical Garden and the Overlook Trail, the popular VOM Nature Lecture Series and the Wine Country Optics and Nature Festival, to name a few of its contributions to the community.

There will be two categories of bird houses: one will be functional houses that different species of birds can use as homes and the other is purely decorative. All houses need to conform to a few general guidelines and functional houses can be built to specifications shown at nestwatch.

To register, contact or call Bonnie Brown at 707/935-8986.

Contact for more information or phone Tom Rusert at 707-939-8007.