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HR 1599 - the Dark Act - seeks to block mandatory GMP labeling


HR 1599 - the Dark Act - seeks to block mandatory GMP labeling

By Maya Nichols

In the next week, the US House of Representative will consider HR 1599, the so-called named “Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act.” Unfortunately for consumers, HR 1599 is more about keeping you in the dark about your food than truth in labeling.

Polls show 90% of consumers want labeling of GMO’s – genetically modified organisms, yet HR 1599 will prevent states from passing such laws, and as bad as that is, it seeks to do much, much more.

Mothers especially, want to know what is in the food they feed to their children.

Health issues and health care costs are skyrocketing in America and food is a crucial factor in our family's care.

  • The DARK Act would make it illegal for states or local governments to restrict Genetically Engineered crops in any way – even if they seek to protect organic farms from contamination.
  • The DARK Act would also make it impossible for food manufacturers to voluntarily tell consumers their products are GMO-free, using reliable, independent labels and standards and it would label GMos as "Natural".
  • The DARK Act would guarantee no pre-market safety testing of GMO foods—ever. 
  • The DARK ACT would prevent the American people from knowing if their food is GMO, and therefore has higher residues of glyphosate, a chemical the WHO deems a Class 2 "probable carcinogen".

Call your US Representative and Senators now  1-877-796-1949  and let them know that you’re not fooled by the rhetoric. HR 1599 is bad for consumers. Urge them to hear your voice and oppose the DARK Act. We have the right to know what is in our our food and food manufacturers need to be honest.