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What's Up in Windsor - September 2015


What's Up in Windsor - September 2015

by Tina Castelli

Windsor’s Favorite Boosters 

The Kids in Windsor love sports and by the time they reach Windsor High School they have probably met or volunteered with Windsor’s favorite Boosters, David & Sherri Kahn. Over the years they have given so much of their time to the Windsor High School Boosters most people just assume they have or had kids at the Windsor schools? But actually their last child graduated in 1991 and not even while they lived in Windsor. Dave & Sherri Kahn moved to Windsor 18 years ago from Canoga Park in Southern California, where their children attended school. They were very active in the Canoga Park Boosters, where Dave served as President and Concession Chair. When he retired from his career at Ralph’s Grocery they decided they needed a change and moved to Windsor, then a small unincorporated town.

Because they love kids and they love sports, it only took 3 years and they decided to join the Windsor High School Boosters, thinking they would help out in the snack bar. But, Dave soon learned WHS had an inadequate snack bar for the needs of the attendees at the sporting events.

He searched for an alternative and soon came up with an old Sonoma State Police building that was donated to them. They had to raise $10,000 to get the building moved to Windsor and installed. They had many volunteers from the community who helped get it moved and to make a permanent place for the building. They were soon open for business, Dave handling the food and production and Sherri organizing volunteers to work shifts during the games. At that time WHS was a growing school and funding came in for a new state-of-the-art track and field and the old snack bar had to be torn down to make room. With the school expansion, a portable classroom became empty and Dave was able to acquire it for the new snack bar. Again, Dave and Sherri organized volunteers from the boosters and the community to make this classroom into a beautiful new snack bar to match the beautiful new track and field. 

Over the years Dave and Sherri have helped the boosters raise money for all the sports at WHS. In Windsor Dave is known as the Hot Dog King. In addition to the snack bar which is open most weekends and night time games throughout the season, Dave brings his portable grills out to the Farmers Market and to many local events selling hot dogs with his yummy grilled onions and peppers to raise money for the boosters. Sherri works with all the different sports, including the WHS cheerleaders, to gather volunteers. Each group signs up for a night or an event, they supply all the volunteers to work the concession and their group gets all the profits from that event. Dave and Sherri couldn’t tell me all the money they have helped raise for Windsor children over the years, but I can tell you it’s a lot! Attend a game at WHS and check out the beautiful snack bar they have built and how smoothly things run with their supervision of a different group of volunteers each night. The food served is superb as well. In addition to Dave’s signature hot dogs, they serve fresh chili, nachos, in-housemade pizzas, pulled pork sliders and more. Dave operated Dave’s Hot Dogs on the Town Green for a short time, but their real passion is helping local kids. We are lucky to have this wonderful giving couple in our community, thank you Dave & Sherri.

Annual Tomato & Pepper Fest coming up on September 20th!

The Windsor Farmers Market will be celebrating their 13th Annual Tomato & Pepper Fest this year on Sept. 20 at the Windsor Town Green. Each year you can come and taste over 40 different kinds of tomatoes from our local farmers. There is also a Salsa Tasting, with a selection of salsas from local Windsor restaurants featured. Windsor restaurants can contact the Market at if you would like to have your salsa featured. New this year the Market will be joining up with the Windsor High School Culinary Program to build the World’s Largest Organic Nachos. You may have remembered the Market’s giant Guiness World Record Pumpkin Pie, well they will be using the same custom made 6’ round pie pan to assemble a giant Organic Nachos. The Nachos will be assembled by culinary students and they will be using local fresh organic ingredients. Organic chips and salsas donated by Casa Sanchez Foods, Organic Cheeses donated by Springhill Jersey Cheese and organic veggies from our local farmers. The public will be able to purchase trays of the finished Nachos with all proceeds going to the WHS Culinary Program. This is a FREE event, Sunday, Sept. 20, from 10-1 pm. See you at the Windsor Town Green!