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Geyserville Grapevine - July 2015


Geyserville Grapevine - July 2015

So here we are in “real” summer after the Solstice occurred on June 21st, bringing together the longest day of the year with the shortest night, presided over by a thin crescent moon and two bright planets, Venus and Jupiter, shining in the early evening sky to the west. At Isis Oasis, we noted the cosmic event with an observance in our “Woodhenge”, a circle of stumps in our meadow.

Changing of Sculpture Trail 

With the end of May, the Cloverdale and Geyserville roadside art exhibits changed with many artists retrieving their statues and new ones appearing in their place. It’s always sad to see favorites go, and always fun to be surprised with something new. I’m missing the big “metal fish” which I understand has found a new home at a winery some distance away, and I’m liking the new dragon in downtown Geyserville. 

But my current favorite is the magnificent sculpture of the ancient Egyptian deity Ptah, currently presiding over the Geyserville Park and Ride. I discovered it unexpectedly one afternoon when visiting the local free Sonoma Bookmobile which was parking across the street while making its monthly visit to Geyserville. I could hardly believe my eyes. This suspended statue in its obelisk-shaped frame shifts slightly in the breeze, giving it a wonderful quality of life. Of course I’m probably predisposed to like it – Ptah could be considered to be the husband of the Egyptian goddess Isis in some accounts and they shared a temple at Memphis in Egypt. This particular Ptah is by sculptor Peter Crompton in collaboration with his wife, Robyn Spencer Crompton.

If you haven’t discovered the “art road”, formally called the 101 Sculpture Trail, it’s along the Old Redwood Highway, aka Geyserville Avenue, running between Geyserville and Cloverdale though there is a long statue-free stretch between the two towns. The rotating exhibit helps keeps drivers alert at the turn to Geyserville - one visitor here was stunned by the sight of the massive “Stargate”-type sculpture suddenly appearing in his headlights. He expected a somewhat mystical experience here at the Oasis, but didn’t really expect to see something out of a science fiction movie greeting him to Geyserville.

Around Greater Geyserville 

Now that it is really summer, two things can be counted on in Geyserville. At the Francis Ford Coppola Winery on Via Archimedes, the popular swimming pool experience is open through September 27th. Cabanas sell out fast, so book early. And on one Saturday night each month, the winery offers “Dancing Under the Stars” – the salsa version. These fun events sell out quickly, so make up your minds, pull out your dance shoes, and go! In July, the event takes place on July 25th and features the music of Sonos El Son. Season tickets are available; individual tickets are $30 per person, age 21 and up. If you prefer swing dancing, there is a similar series devoted to just that. The Pool Bar provides drinks and food for purchase, and Santa Rosa Salsa offers an hour-long free dance class before each evening’s event for the salsa series. Dancing of any kind just not your thing? Francis Ford Coppola may still have you covered – Wednesday nights are devoted to bocce ball on the adjacent court off of the pool area. Just $10 per person will get you a slot on a makeshift team.

Upcoming Events 

Geyserville itself is relatively quiet for Fourth of July – those seeking fireworks will have to go to either nearby Healdsburg or Cloverdale to get a share of the pyrotechnics honoring the birth of our nation this July.

Foodie Moment of the Month 

Summer is definitely the theme of this column – and summer also means that the “dining” options in downtown Geyserville expand to include the roadside grill in front of the Geyserville Market and Deli at 21010 Geyserville Avenue. Look for it during the daylight hours on weekends – but if barbecue is not your thing, the deli counter in back of the market offers a wonderful array of sandwiches, perfect for an impromptu picnic, especially when augmented by a bottle of wine from the wall full of local selections in the front of the store.

Have an interesting tidbit to share about Geyserville or a spot I should include? 

Feel free to contact me at Isis Oasis Sanctuary at 707-857-4747 or at my email address above. Till next month!