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Occidental Oriented - July 2015


Occidental Oriented - July 2015

Ah summer… how I’ve missed thee. The long days, the sun, the complete lack of homework… it really is the best. So far, of course, I haven’t done much of anything. Rather, I’ve been relishing the joy of unconstrained time. I worked a couple of days and drove to work and back with my newly obtained driver’s license. I received my first paycheck in the mail. I wrote some poems. I’ve been camping, and that’s about all. It’s been lovely, and the best part is that it has only just begun, and there are so many fun things to do… like the Firemans’ Barbeque. The Occidental classic is July 19th from noon to six at the Union Grove. There will be the fun, games, and the good food we love, and it will almost certainly be beautiful out. Other than that one specific thing, I don’t have much in the way of plans until the end of the summer, so my mom and I decided that this summer we are going to get down to business and do some arts and crafts, which I’m looking forward to. My favorite medium to work in is Mod-Podge. You would be surprised how many things one can do with that stuff. It’s almost as versatile and awesome as a hot-glue gun. Oh, the hot-glue gun… how many last-minute projects you have helped me pull off and get on. 

…Moving on from the hot-glue gun, and back to art, July is shaping up to be a great month for art of all kinds in Occidental. I’m looking forward to seeing “Fresh from the Forest”. It’s a local art show that is going to be on July 5th from 11:00am to 2:00pm at Anderson Hall in Camp Meeker. Some of the artists featured were at last year’s Holiday Crafts Faire in town, so if you missed them then, this would be a great time to go and support local art. Also coming up in the local art scene is a show by the Pointless Sisters at the Occidental Center for the Arts. The Pointless Sisters are a local art quilt group that creates incredible and imaginative quilts. The show that will be up is composed of quilts inspired by the world “holes”—including quilts that range from depictions of African watering holes to cosmic holes, to actual holes in the quilts. Having tried my hand at embroidery once, and having attempted several basic sewing projects, I can say with one hundred percent certainty that quilt making is no easy thing, and that everyone should come see this show to support the Pointless Sisters and their incredible talent. The show runs from July 10th to August 23rd

Also at the Occidental Center for the Arts is going to be a musical performance by the name of “It’s A Beautiful Day Acoustic” on Saturday, July 11 from eight to ten in the evening. The show will include acoustic swing instrumentals, compositions by mandolin master Phil Lawrence, and classic rock songs performed by violinist and vocalist David LaFlamme. The cost is $20 for general admission, and $15 for seniors. Everyone will be accommodated, even if it turns to standing room only. There will also be refreshments for sale, including wine and beer. If you’re interested, call 707-874-9392 or go to for reservations. 

If you feel like making some art, but want some inspiration or guidance, or just a group of people to make art with, you should check out Community Art and Soup Night. It’s Monday nights from six to nine at Pradasa Yoga Studio in town. It costs ten dollars and one vegetable for admission. There is a featured art project each week, and also space to work on your own project if you have one in mind. The vegetable is for a soup that you make and enjoy as you create. I am definitely planning on attending this at least once, and probably convincing my mom and grandma, and hopefully Devin, to come along.

All this art talk makes me think about the days of finger painting and when school included art class. I think one of my crowing achievements of middle school art class was when I helped organize a student art show at the Occidental Center for the Arts. It was a really cool show, and several pieces were sold, including one of mine. It was bought by Bill Wheeler, which was cool, because I have been surrounded by his art since I was a child, and his property is absolutely beautiful. Speaking of which, if you feel like chilling with Bill, he hosts figure drawing at the Center for the Arts on Thursday nights from seven to nine thirty for $15. Bring your own materials.