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Guerneville Groove - July 2015


Guerneville Groove - July 2015

by Beth Rudometkin

I constantly hear on a daily basis, “Just what we need, another restaurant in town”…so really, when is the last time you took an actual walk through our groovy town? We have so much to offer, as well as those numerous groovy restaurants. Let’s go for a walk; I’ll bet there are a few places you may have forgotten about, where business is thriving and others are definitely enjoying it!

Twice Told Books on Armstrong Woods Road is a great place to find not only books, but a lot of fun games, funny cards and even arts and craft supplies! Speaking of books, don’t forget the Guerneville Library! They offer not only reading enjoyment, but also a variety of artistic speakers, classes and fun for the kids. Coming back towards Main Street… when is the last time you looked up? Upstairs from Community First Credit Union, we have June Bug SkinCare for all of your pampering needs, Millar & Co Real Estate, Kuhr-Norris Gallery, Main Street Legal, COO Prider Art Gallery and many more… check them out; you will be surprised! Back downstairs and take a right, you have the Rainbow Cattle Company, who every week has Give Back Tuesday, where you can enjoy a delightful meal, while funding local charities. Guerneville 5 & 10 is perhaps the grooviest place on earth! So many vintage toys, games, candy, collectibles and an array of arts & crafts supplies. Don’t forget that they inflate floaties for FREE when you purchase there, so before you hit the beach, be sure to visit them for all of your river toys. Kings Sport & Tackle not only has all of your sporting goods, but also offers kayak rentals and guided fishing adventures! Not all of us may be feeling adventurous, so walk on down to River Nails for a soothing foot rub, pedicure and manicure. Dan and his team will pamper you and really help you get into the relaxed “river time” mood.

Cross the street and you will find The Village Shops where you can enjoy local artist’s groovy wares. At the Blue Door Gallery I recently marveled at the window full of jelly fish by Mary Livingston. Sharon’s Boutique has moved and another groovy collectible shop, River Queen is there for those hard to find unique gifts. Russian River Art Gallery as always, has a large variety of local artwork and don’t forget Absolute Penache with their top of line eye wear and beautiful antique décor available.

Head back up the street towards the walking bridge and you will find Sonoma Nesting Company, full of hidden treasures. Every Thursday in their parking lot, we have the Farmer’s Market, beginning at 3pm and every other Thursday, we have Rockin the River Community Concerts. The Thugz will be performing July 2nd, Tommy Castro Bank, irresistible contemporary blues-rocker will be there July 16th and one of my favorites, Midnight Sun Massive, will be groovin’ us with their Caribbean sounds on July 30th! While there, check out Suzy’s new patio in front of Andorno’s Pizza. Congratulations again to Suzy in her purchase of the pizza joint she has spent so many years sharing her heart and soul with us! 

Our town is always a buzz with individual opinions of the goings on, so I thought I’d share one of those hot topics… Johnson’s Beach will be charging $5 for parking on weekends and special events only! Now this has ruffled some local feathers, but really? We have been so fortunate for so many years, to be able to park for free, but things change and with change comes a lot of grumbling. If you go to any other county, state, or privately owned recreation area, you have to pay for parking there as well. I agree, some will dig their heels into the sand and park in the already clogged and impossible to find a parking space downtown, so maybe it’s time for that to change as well. As our groovy community continues to thrive and grow, perhaps the Chamber of Commerce can open up the lines of communication with the County and come up with a parking solution. Just a thought… I’m sure there will be plenty of feedback on this subject, but that’s how change happens, through communication, so hopefully the Chamber can come up with a solution. Johnson’s Beach has always been, and will continue to be, a family and friends destination, where you can relax and take in the beauty of our river and its nature; relax and enjoy our groovy little town people! That’s why we all live here…