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Comcast Employees Teach Students the Practical Value of Algebra


Comcast Employees Teach Students the Practical Value of Algebra

Algebra is critical to both academic and workforce success. As a course required for high school graduation and enrollment in college, Algebra is a gateway course – and an especially critical obstacle for students for whom English is a second language.

Comcast employees recently helped local Rohnert Park English-learner students understand the importance of math as it relates to their future, including a possible high-paying job in the communications technology industry by demonstrating the use of basic algebra in daily operations. More than a dozen local middle-school students experienced the workshop as part of Comcast’s partnership with the Mike Hauser Algebra Academy – a program made possible through the Santa Rosa Chamber of Commerce, local educators and businesses, allowing more than 120 students to participate across sites in Sonoma County.

Comcast employees teach at Mike Hauser Algebra Academy

“Students often have a hard time making the connection between math lessons in school and real-world application and this workshop was an exciting opportunity to enlighten students to the important careers at Comcast, where most employees use algebraic formulas every day.” said Dustin Kirchen, Sonoma County operations manager at Comcast. “Math and science are a required foundation to most high-paying careers and are also present in everyday functions from calculating driving distances, to preparing meals.”

Students learned about the fundamentals of Algebra from educator Jeremiah Siem, followed by an exclusive tour of Comcast’s Rohnert Park facility, where they learned first-hand how technicians and senior leaders use algebra every day on the job at Comcast to innovate technology to drive connections and entertainment.

 “The Mike Hauser Algebra Academy strives to help close the algebra achievement gap for students with English is a second language,” said Kelly Siebel from Chamber of Commerce. “Support from local businesses like Comcast help these students realize opportunities for future employment, emphasizing the importance of algebra curriculum and graduating high school.”